• nftables!?


    Apparently while I was busy working on some other things, the world switched to nftables and no one told me. I logged into my Linux web server the other day and realized the firewall rule set that had been hand crafted with iptables probably a decade or more ago is now completely gone. It probably…

  • Should I Write About Nutanix Community Edition?

    Should I Write About Nutanix Community Edition?

    Would there be any interest if I made some articles or videos about Nutanix Community Edition? Right now all of the main info for it is captured in the Nutanix NEXT Community Forums. I see that Nutanix CE and the new CE 2.0 are really popular search terms. What would y’all be interested in? Would…

  • The Kentucky Derby

    The Kentucky Derby

    Kat has a bucket-list item to go to The Kentucky Derby – so now we’re going next week! My biggest tasks are to: I’ve never been to a horse race before, so I’ve got a little bit of imposter syndrome here. Someone asked me “Oh, so you’ve been before?” How do you tell them, “No,…

  • Obsidian for Tasks and Lowering Blood Pressure

    Obsidian for Tasks and Lowering Blood Pressure

    I started creating tasks in Obsidian using the tasks plugin and at first it was amazing. It really helped me lower my stress levels because I knew that I could just write something down in my notes and Obsidian would remember it for me. I could quickly scan through my task list and make sure…

  • Obsidian for Notes

    Obsidian for Notes

    I’ve been using Obsidian to take notes and track all the action items in my life. I’ve really enjoyed it and even signed up for the paid sync service. I blame my sister Jen for this, because she’s the one who got me started with bullet journals. I journaled on paper for a few years,…

  • David Byrne – Heroes with Choir! Choir! Choir!

    David Byrne – Heroes with Choir! Choir! Choir!

    I came across this amazing video posted by Choir! Choir! Choir! and thought it was worth sharing. Can you imagine being part of something like this? I’ve had a soft spot for Talking Heads ever since some friends of mine started a Talking Heads cover band long ago.

  • Croatia Cruise and Cycling Vacation

    Croatia Cruise and Cycling Vacation

    Kat and I had a covid-delayed trip to Croatia booked for quite some time. The tour company and airline allowed us to push the trip back from our original 2020 date. We signed up for two weeks in Croatia – with one week spent on a boat – getting dropped off at idyllic cycling locations.…

  • How To: Get a Job in Technical Marketing

    How To: Get a Job in Technical Marketing

    Something different: A post about career and work instead of home improvement and travel. 😉 Thanks to my colleague Ashwini Vasanth I was able to answer these questions in her podcast: “Through The Corporate Glass – Ep 24 – The DNA of a Technical Marketing Engineer“ It was a great experience going through the interview…

  • Home Improvement Landscaping

    Home Improvement Landscaping

    The previous owner of our property believed in letting nature run its course entirely without human intervention. As a result our front yard had been a long outstanding project that we’d been afraid to tackle. In addition, we had some serious drainage problems that led to standing water in the driveway, and sump pumps that…

  • News Feed Idea

    News Feed Idea

    Here’s an idea I had to curate my news feed. Search all titles and lead paragraphs for the word ‘actually’ or [\d+] [things|ways] and give me a way to hide them, block the article or entire site, or compose a letter to their editor with a list of their offenses. It seems like everyone is…


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