Obsidian for Notes

I’ve been using Obsidian to take notes and track all the action items in my life. I’ve really enjoyed it and even signed up for the paid sync service.

I blame my sister Jen for this, because she’s the one who got me started with bullet journals. I journaled on paper for a few years, but then got a bit behind. I found myself either too busy, too tired, or too distracted to pick up the pen and the journal. I ALSO found myself really struggling with how to even make sense of two years worth of bullet journals and the pile of unresolved bullets.

Obsidian helps out here because I can take notes from my phone, iPad, or computer. I’m also a huge nerd about queries so I’m using Tasks and DataView so I can keep track of and sort the outstanding items.

Like most things I pick up – it INEVITABLY gets put back down when everything else gets too busy – but I’ve found it easy to pick back up.

I also created a “Shortcut” so I can voice activate create a note with Siri. Maybe that’s a post for another day.