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Update for Nov 2018

I’ve entirely given up on PGP since this post in 2015. I still have and still love the YubiKey for 2FA (Second Factor Authentication, or Two Factor Auth), but I have never once ran into any situation where having my own PGP encrypted email or signed file was a benefit for me or anyone else I communicate with.

Signal, and even WhatsApp, have become encrypted communication paths of choice as far as I can tell.

I do still keep GPG around on my Linux system because sometimes you want to validate a downloaded packages signature, but usually just to make sure all the right bits got there.

Original Page From 2015

If you want to send me a secure email find my burns at bbbburns com public key here.

Fingerprint: 44D9 CD4E B5DE 7C25 67B6 969C 4B33 CDC4 9039 40DE

Keybase Signing Statement

I experimented with GPG / PGP keys a while back but never got into the habit of using them regularly. Remembering the pass phrase was just too cumbersome for signing, and I only had one other friend I could badger into using Thunderbird and Enigmail.

I purchased a Yubikey and moved to Linux and the Mac (completely Windows free) so I’m giving it another go. It’s really easy on the Mac. Surprisingly so.

I followed this guide here for the Yubikey. It’s certainly complicated to setup. I recommend you follow this one. Check out as well, they really simplify this process. I have invites to give out if you’re interested.


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  1. Joe Avatar

    Hey Jason, I found your site after following your Nutanix Tech Topix discussions. I saw this post and thought I’d drop you some info in case you haven’t heard of it yet. Take a look into Full end to end encryption with the ability to send encrypted emails to non-encrypted email providers. I’ve used them since the beta and have since moved all my email to them. Hope you find this useful. Oh yea, an idea for a future video I’d like to see is how to fully configure RDMA on Nutanix AHV to segment CVM traffic.