• Things You Won’t Learn on My LinkedIn Profile

    I had to do a little introduction exercise when I moved over to the marketing team as a Tech Marketing Engineer. I had to share some things you wouldn’t learn on my LinkedIn Profile with the team. I thought it was fun to walk through and worth reposting here! I just married the woman of […]

  • Fiber Repair

  • Backhoe vs Internet

    Fiber optics battle yet again with their arch nemesis the backhoe. Results are predictable. Whole neighborhood out.

  • Nutanix AHV Networking – What’s New

    We just made a bunch of announcements about networking enhancements to AHV, and I’ll be posting about them at Nutanix.com. Here’s an overview of the series: Part 1: AHV Network Visualization Part 2: AHV Network Automation and Integration Part 3: AHV Network Microsegmentation Part 4: AHV Network Function Chains And it wouldn’t be a blog […]

  • Let’s Encrypt – How do I Cron?

    Let’s Encrypt was really easy to setup, but Cron was less so. I kept getting emails that the Let’s Encrypt renewal was failing: 2017-03-09 02:51:02,285:WARNING:letsencrypt.cli:Attempting to renew cert from /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/bbbburns.com.conf produced an unexpected error: The apache plugin is not working; there may be problems with your existing configuration. The error was: NoInstallationError(). Skipping. 1 renew […]

  • Let’s Encrypt – Easy – Free – Awesome

    Let’s Encrypt – Easy – Free – Awesome

    I recently saw a news article about StartCom being on Mozilla and Google’s naughty list. Things looked bad, and my StartCom certs were up for renewal on the blog. I have seen articles flying around about Let’s Encrypt for a while now. The idea seemed awesome, but the website seemed so light on technical instructions […]

  • Nutanix Performance and IOPS

    Nutanix Performance and IOPS

    My colleagues Gary Little and John Williamson are starting up a blog series on Nutanix performance. Have you ever wondered how Nutanix would perform for your application? Do you wonder how Nutanix compares to a traditional SAN? Do you ever wonder what it means to have 1 hojillion IOPS? I know I do – so […]

  • VMware NSX Software Defined Networking with Nutanix

    VMware NSX Software Defined Networking with Nutanix

    Take a look at the latest Nutanix solution note, detailing VMware NSX for vSphere in a Nutanix environment. With these two technologies combined, customers can now virtualize their entire infrastructure. This solution note describes common customer use cases and advantages of NSX software defined networking. We also test two important deployment scenarios and give configuration […]

  • Light Board Series: AHV Open vSwitch Networking – Part 4

    Light Board Series: AHV Open vSwitch Networking – Part 4

    Part 1 – Host Networking – Bonds Part 2 – Host Networking – Load Balancing Part 3 – AHV VLANs Part 4 – User Virtual Machine VLANs and Networking (You are here!) We’re wrapping up our four part series on Nutanix AHV networking today with a look at the User VM Networking. Check out the Nutanix […]

  • Cisco UC on Nutanix Webinar

    I recently presented a webinar for Cisco UC on Nutanix to highlight exactly how Nutanix could save time and money, while adding features and flexibility, on your next deployment. Take a look at the live webinar here:


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