Two bikes on the hill

Croatia Cruise and Cycling Vacation

Kat and I had a covid-delayed trip to Croatia booked for quite some time. The tour company and airline allowed us to push the trip back from our original 2020 date. We signed up for two weeks in Croatia – with one week spent on a boat – getting dropped off at idyllic cycling locations.

When case numbers dropped lower in the spring/summer of 2021, folks were getting vaccinated, and international travel was a thing people told us they were successfully doing, we decided to commit to the trip. It was amazing! Here are the photos.

Here’s what I wished I had known BEFORE the trip:

  • Germans take cycling seriously and will suit up accordingly 😉
  • When you bike from a boat – you start every day at sea level.
  • When you think of a flat island – you are wrong. You will climb a mountain every day.
    • The scenery is worth it.
    • You should train harder.
    • Get the electric bike when they offer it!
  • People riding electric bikes do not make a good group ride with traditional bikes
    • The electric biker will inevitably STOP at the bottom of the hill in front of you – then start up again and pass you.
    • They will also order a beer and dessert at the lunch stop – with seemingly no ill effect on performance! (SO JEALOUS!)

Here’s how I would summarize what I learned about Croatia on the trip.

  • Croatia is beautiful everywhere.
    • You can’t turn around without taking a photo of some scenic water vista or some castle on a cliff-side.
  • The people are incredibly kind and make great hosts.
  • They love cats!
  • The food is amazing with plenty of great options wherever you go.
  • Overall – it was a pretty affordable trip!

In summary: We would definitely add Croatia on our list of places to visit again!