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  • Cascais, PT

    Cascais, PT

    I tried surfing at Guincho Beach in Cascais, Portugal. I feel like I did a pretty terrible job, but Kat and Elly were awesome. The scenery and waves could not be beat!

  • Bernd das Brot

    Bernd das Brot

    One of my favorite parts of visiting Germany is Bernd das Brot. Whenever you turn on the kids cartoon channel at night you can find Bernd hanging out grumbling about his situation. On this trip, he’s become AstroBrot, floating through space looking for peace and quiet, but constantly interrupted by satellites blaring phone calls and…

  • Halle, DE

    Halle, DE

    After quite a travel ordeal we made it to Leipzig, Germany and then over to Halle. Here’s a picture of us in front of the Handel statue in Halle to prove it. In Halle they’re very proud of Handel. In Leipzig they go nuts over Bach and Goethe. Every city has their famous person. I…

  • NOC Runnaversary

    NOC Runnaversary

    Kat and I met at the Fullsteam Run Club in Durham on June 3rd. That makes this our runnaversary. We try to do something outdoorsy in spirit of this tradition. The most recent trip was the Nanthahala Outdoor Center for rafting and mountain biking. We had an excellent time as you can see from the…

  • Becoming Anti-social

    Becoming Anti-social

    This isn’t about becoming anti-social in the traditional sense, but more anti-social media. Asocial would be a more accurate term. A few years back I made a decision to disconnect from most social media platforms. If you wanted to get in touch with me or know what I was doing, you would have to see…

  • The Kentucky Derby

    The Kentucky Derby

    Kat has a bucket-list item to go to The Kentucky Derby – so now we’re going next week! My biggest tasks are to: I’ve never been to a horse race before, so I’ve got a little bit of imposter syndrome here. Someone asked me “Oh, so you’ve been before?” How do you tell them, “No,…

  • Croatia Cruise and Cycling Vacation

    Croatia Cruise and Cycling Vacation

    Kat and I had a covid-delayed trip to Croatia booked for quite some time. The tour company and airline allowed us to push the trip back from our original 2020 date. We signed up for two weeks in Croatia – with one week spent on a boat – getting dropped off at idyllic cycling locations.…

  • Brenneka’s Wedding

    Brenneka’s Wedding

    Our amazing friends Brendan and Anneka (henceforth known as Brenneka) got married in Colorado on New Years Eve 2019/2020. It was an awesome time and we used the trip to see old friends, get outdoors, and just have a great time. Side note: This trip in December was also what partially inspired my “Dry January”.…

  • Peru Trip Overview

    Peru Trip Overview

    It’s been a dream of Kat’s to explore Peru and hike Machu Picchu for years now. Thanks to her influence it also became a dream of mine. Before we get started on the details, here’s a link to the curated photos of our trip. I took thousands of photos, and these are the ones that…

  • Things You Won’t Learn on My LinkedIn Profile

    I had to do a little introduction exercise when I moved over to the marketing team as a Tech Marketing Engineer. I had to share some things you wouldn’t learn on my LinkedIn Profile with the team. I thought it was fun to walk through and worth reposting here! I just married the woman of…