Brenneka’s Wedding

Brendan and Anneka’s Wedding

Our amazing friends Brendan and Anneka (henceforth known as Brenneka) got married in Colorado on New Years Eve 2019/2020. It was an awesome time and we used the trip to see old friends, get outdoors, and just have a great time.

Side note: This trip in December was also what partially inspired my “Dry January”.

We spent the first few days of the trip with Mark and Jennifer, Kat’s flight attendant friends who live in Denver. We had a good time exploring local breweries and hanging out while we were snowed in. They may THE BEST breakfast – definitely a great visit! We were a little jealous of how much they get to travel. So many great photos on the wall from so many places.

After two days in Denver we got picked up by Rama and Graciela and took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was freezing cold up there so we decided to go on a hike around the like, and even hike out onto a frozen lake.

At the end of the park day we headed back south to Como, Colorado to stay in a tiny AirBnB cabin. It was a neat little place up on a very cold very windswept plain right next to the town of Fairplay, which is apparently the hometown that South Park is based on.

Waking up in the frigid -15 F temps we decided to take it a little easy and roll on up to Breckenridge around 9ish for cross country skiing. We bundled up like crazy and even though it was below zero we were still sweating and had to drop layers.

After getting our skis under us we headed straight back to Denver for night 1 of friend hangout and partying. Day 2 we met friends for brunch in a giant group, took a quick nap, then had an amazing New Years Eve wedding and reception downtown.

This was a fantastic trip. It had been such a long time since the gang was all together. It was nice to mix up some exercising, exploring, and partying all in one trip.






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    The Best Sistah Evah

    You hook me with the teaser about the trip inspiring ‘dry Jan’ and then leave me hanging on the dirty deets?! Boo, Wendy Testaburger. Booooo.