Bernd das Brot

Bernd das Brot

One of my favorite parts of visiting Germany is Bernd das Brot. Whenever you turn on the kids cartoon channel at night you can find Bernd hanging out grumbling about his situation.

On this trip, he’s become AstroBrot, floating through space looking for peace and quiet, but constantly interrupted by satellites blaring phone calls and radio stations, as well as alien contacts. He even got whacked my Musk’s floating roadster at one point.

Bernd das Brot, AstroBrot on KiKA

Because Bernd speaks slowly, he’s a little easier for me to understand. My ability with the German language is pretty low, bordering on non-existent, so we’ve had a lot of kid’s cartoons on while working here at the AirBnB. That’s my speed as long as the subtitles are on. The cartoons here don’t seem to annoy my wife as much as the American ones.