How To: Get a Job in Technical Marketing

Something different: A post about career and work instead of home improvement and travel. 😉

  • Have you ever wondered what it takes to be in marketing at a tech company?
  • Are you curious what a career path looks like for someone after 20 years in tech?
  • Do you think technical marketing is an oxymoron?

Thanks to my colleague Ashwini Vasanth I was able to answer these questions in her podcast: “Through The Corporate Glass – Ep 24 – The DNA of a Technical Marketing Engineer

It was a great experience going through the interview process and lots of fun to walk down my career memory lane. Ashwini has a knack for asking questions that get me to think about everything I’ve done that got me here, and how it fits together.

The short story is that I’ve been at Nutanix for almost 7 years and before that I was at Cisco for 9. Prior to work, I spent 5 years at school stewing in everything IT and networking related. Along the way I’ve held a few different jobs but found myself in the role of “Technical Marketing” for the last 3+ years. While those two words may not seem like a natural fit at first glance, I view it as a culmination and combination of everything I’ve done so far. So much of this job is finding technical solutions to problems and then creating content that makes the solution easy to understand.

To find out more, listen to the podcast.