Should I Write About Nutanix Community Edition?

Would there be any interest if I made some articles or videos about Nutanix Community Edition?

Right now all of the main info for it is captured in the Nutanix NEXT Community Forums. I see that Nutanix CE and the new CE 2.0 are really popular search terms.

What would y’all be interested in? Would you use it for a home lab? Would you use it to study for a Nutanix certification? Would you use it just to learn about a new technology?

Depending on what you want, you could either:

  • Install it on a single physical server like a NUC
  • Install it on a small cluster of physical servers
  • Install it nested on your existing hypervisor
  • Install and run it on a cloud provider

Each of these has different use cases. If you run it on your own hardware, you get to run your own workloads on it as well, but that means you need to buy or find hardware! I imagine this as the “home lab” use case.

If you run it nested, you can’t run workloads, but you can try out the interface. I imagine this as the “learning” use case.

If you don’t have any hardware, you can run it in the cloud if you’re willing to pay the cloud fees. Again – no workloads here. I imagine this as the “learning two things at once and I have more money than time!” use case.

Finally – if you don’t want to do ANY of that – you can still take a Nutanix Test Drive for up to 4 hours. You can’t run workloads, but you can learn about the features and try them out. I imagine this as the use case where most people should start.

Which would you prefer?






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