Buffalo Family Visit

My sister Jen said “I’m going back up to my HS reunion, and our cousin is having a bachelorette party / wedding shower”. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to combine some family visits with the brief time where the weather in Western New York is pleasant.

Here’s a link to the full gallery of our WNY Visit.

We stayed at my Dad’s and had a chance to check out some of the weaponry. This was fun because Matt (Jen’s BF) had never shot a gun before.

There was also old photo time. Here is me at about 16 years old working construction working with Dad. Super safe use of power tools right?

Also we saw some evidence of the Bread Box mass production line that my Bread Box came from:

Amanda also took out her horse for a little bit of a pond swim. It was pretty warm up there so the horse seemed to enjoy it.

We got a great shot of me, Amanda, Jen, and Matt all at my friend Jason’s parents’ house. Perfect weather for hanging out around a fire.

Jason and Chuck were there too which was awesome. I haven’t seen these guys together in a while so it was good to spend some time with them.

A crazy part of the weekend was helping Don and Tiffany put a roof on their house. Sort of an interesting way to spend a vacation 😉 It was fun though. Here’s Jason tearing off old shingles.

There was a FRIGGING HILARIOUS moment where we needed Jason to move a 24 ft extension ladder from one side of the house to the other. I have never seen someone do THIS to an extension ladder. I don’t even really know how it happened but you could see the gears turning in Jason’s head as we watched and laughed at him.

On a visit up to the old farm I got to see my cousin’s Ashley and Angela. I took a great picture of Ashley post-party where she’s a wreck. She wasn’t too happy that I posted this one on facebook… but that’s what family is for 🙂

You can check out the rest of the pictures. This was a good trip where I got to visit old friends and family. The weather in the WNY area couldn’t have been better. The summers up there really are perfect.

Maybe I’ll go back some day for more than just a short visit.

Shooter’s Log – Day 4

A while back Shapess and I trekked down to PDHSC again. I fired 100 rounds of Federal 9MM through the P07. I also fired one magazine of 15 hollow points.

My accuracy was pretty great the first 50 rounds. The second set definitely suffered. I was stuffing an almost full 15 rounds per magazine when I normally shoot 10. Either I got tired of shooting, or just plain tired. 15 rounds is a bit to fire off.

My rapid fire accuracy is bullshit. I don’t know if it’s a skill worth improving at $0.20 per round. It’s always fun to go in an empty a full magazine like you mean it. The people next to you just shake their heads in dismay.

Shooter’s Log – Day 3

Yesterday, November 22nd, Shapess, Sarah, and I went shooting at PDHSC again.

I fired 50 rnds of the 9mm federal fmj, and 50 rounds of Magtech i think? I don’t remember the exact brand. I felt a little more accurate with the Magtech.

They let us shoot in Range 2 because the place was crowded. This means I got to knock down the row of steel plates! This was fricking awesome. At one point I went through and mowed down almost the entire row of 10. w00t. pling pling pling

The highlight of the day was that Sarah got to shoot a few magazines. This was entertaining to watch, and somewhat scary at the same time. Luckily everyone made it through the experience with the same number of holes that they started with.

Hopefully Sarah had a fun time and learned a bit about shooting. The guys at PDHSC were very helpful and made sure she got some useful tips along the way. I even learned some things.

Shooter’s Log – Day 2

I went to PDHSC again on October 31st.

Shapess and I shot at the Zombie targets. It was pretty damn awesome, you can check out the pics on Facebook.

I fired another 100 rounds of my Federal 9MM FMJ through the CZP07 duty.

I shot well in the beginning, and middle, but lost accuracy in the end.

At some point in the middle I fired a magazine of 15 Winchester Hollow Points. No difference in accuracy that I noticed, but they made a smaller hole through the paper target.

That puts me up to a total about ~250 rounds fired.

The bulge on the right side frame is still there, but hasn’t gotten any bigger.

I fired 20 rounds through Shapess’ Glock 19. I liked it quite a bit. It has a nice, feel, very accurate, and a bit lighter than the P07.

Shooter’s Log – Day 1

Date: 2009-10-3

Location: Personal Defense & Handgun Safety Center, Tryon Rd, Raleigh, NC

Firearm: CZ P07 Duty

Rounds fired: 150 FMJ (50 Federal, 100 brand I can’t remember)

Comments: The gun really loosened up while shooting, giving a much better feel. The slide release operated smoother, as well as magazine loading. My accuracy really improved after the first 50 rounds. I was able to knock out the bulls eye pretty consistently. Worked on a smoother more consistent trigger pull.

My stance needs work I think.

Here’s a video of my first or second magazine:

Overall a great day shooting. Shapess and I had a blast.