Shooter’s Log – Day 3

Yesterday, November 22nd, Shapess, Sarah, and I went shooting at PDHSC again.

I fired 50 rnds of the 9mm federal fmj, and 50 rounds of Magtech i think? I don’t remember the exact brand. I felt a little more accurate with the Magtech.

They let us shoot in Range 2 because the place was crowded. This means I got to knock down the row of steel plates! This was fricking awesome. At one point I went through and mowed down almost the entire row of 10. w00t. pling pling pling

The highlight of the day was that Sarah got to shoot a few magazines. This was entertaining to watch, and somewhat scary at the same time. Luckily everyone made it through the experience with the same number of holes that they started with.

Hopefully Sarah had a fun time and learned a bit about shooting. The guys at PDHSC were very helpful and made sure she got some useful tips along the way. I even learned some things.