Shooter’s Log – Day 2

I went to PDHSC again on October 31st.

Shapess and I shot at the Zombie targets. It was pretty damn awesome, you can check out the pics on Facebook.

I fired another 100 rounds of my Federal 9MM FMJ through the CZP07 duty.

I shot well in the beginning, and middle, but lost accuracy in the end.

At some point in the middle I fired a magazine of 15 Winchester Hollow Points. No difference in accuracy that I noticed, but they made a smaller hole through the paper target.

That puts me up to a total about ~250 rounds fired.

The bulge on the right side frame is still there, but hasn’t gotten any bigger.

I fired 20 rounds through Shapess’ Glock 19. I liked it quite a bit. It has a nice, feel, very accurate, and a bit lighter than the P07.