CCIE Attempt #2 – FAIL

Took a while to update this one.

I failed my most recent round of CCIE testing.

I did better than the first time, but not good enough to pass.

I knew all of the answers, but I was not calm, cool, or collected enough to correctly apply this information in a timed test.

Next time I hope to do even better. Maybe even close to passing 😉

CCIE Attempt #2

I looked back and read my first post on my first CCIE attempt.

All of those things apply again.

I was more nervous than I should have been and made stupid mistakes because of it

int ser 1/0:23

left unchecked for several hours.. then me doing my testing wondering.. wtf why isn’t that working?

or answering some easy question, then not fully understanding the ramifications.. and making it now impossible to dial all of the phones at one site.

My configuration was done quickly enough.. I had to keep looking at the test though because it was pretty different than what I was used to setting up. My fatal flaw is not being able to just read the test, internalize, then spit it all out into one glorious and shining config

All in all there were 2 things I was unsure about, that might pass or might not.

There were 3 things I will certainly not get points for.

Now it’s up to time to see if I pass or fail. I’m certain of failure.

If I pass I’ll be ridiculously over joyed… but for now I’m looking to see when the next free date is I can schedule.

If passing happens I’ll get drunk, buy a new comp, maybe play some WoW.

If failing happens I’ll get even more drunk, schedule a new lab, and start studying again.

This test may well wind up destroying any shred of mental sanity I have left after dealing with customers.

I’ll be sure to post as soon as I get my score report.

CCIE Attempt #1 – FAIL

I got my CCIE Voice Lab score report this morning.

I failed.

Time to sign up for the test again and give it another try.

I would say that I was close.. but I don’t know that for sure. In fact I even got 0% in some of the sections. Apparently I need to try harder.

Right now I’m just tired.

I can take it again Jan 10th in San Jose, CA.. or June in Raleigh.

CCIE Attempt #1

We’ll call this post CCIE attempt number 1. I’ve completed my first attempt at the CCIE. I’m not sure how high in number these posts will get.

I sat down, read through the test.. and then said WTF on about 4 or 5 of the questions. Most everything was doable… but some of it was completely out of left field and I would have had no way to study or prepare for it without having taken the test and seen that specific question.

I completed everything but 4 questions out of a 25 page test. The stuff I finished I tested and then tested again.

My rough estimate has me passing.

Cruise Control Alert:



That’s a little frustrating. Waiting 6 days to find out if I passed or not after MONTHS of studying and preparation. We’ll see if I get notification sooner, but I don’t think I will.

I feel completely drained. I haven’t been on a normal schedule in over a month. I was on site at Cisco in the lab or working on cases for the past 30 days straight. Sometimes pulling 12 hour days just studying, or working then studying.

It will be a great relief to wake up and know I don’t have to go study or be responsible for any kind of mental activity.

I hope like hell I pass to have this over with. I think I made a pretty good attempt.

The part that surprised me was how nervous I was during the entire test. I didn’t have a calm “you’ve done this before. just repeat what you’ve practiced” moment. I sat down, read through the test, freaked out a little, then continued to rush and mess things up.

I can’t count the number of times I typed

dp shwo rnu

instead of

do show run

or some such similar goofup. So much nervous energy.

The night before I went to bed early.. like 8:40. I woke up at 12, 1, 1:30, 2, 2:50, 3:00, 4:00, 4:30, 4:50, 5:20….

then at 5:30 I decided enough was enough.. no more sleeping for me.. and showed up early. I felt confident walking in, I even felt confident walking out knowing I didn’t complete some of the questions. The ones I did complete I think I completed well.

Seeing the test format fucked me all up. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Word problems never are.

If you’re going to make me do something, put it in a logical order.. or make a giant diagram 😛

I sat down.. read the whole test.. then tried to make some sort of a game plan.. at that point I felt like i was already behind though.. that’s when the nervousness kicked in.. :-/

anyway… we’ll wait and wait and wait.

I’ll try to enjoy my Thanksgiving and get some serious relaxing in. Maybe I’ll play some WoW… or read some books.. I would love to read something that wasn’t Voice CCIE related.

FUCK.. I’m going to do that right now. Time to get past the second chapter of “Atlas Shrugged”

Wish me luck. Let’s hope my configs don’t get erased before they grade my shit (which has happened before).

Error messages and serviceabilty

Justin had some interesting comments on serviceability and error messages:

I run into this crap CONSTANTLY day after day trying to figure out what a certain error message means. Turns out it all depends on who programmed the lines of code spitting out your specific error.

Suck! We need to make this better from the start. Programs should never print out

I now know at a glance that

-1932787616 translates to FFFFFFFF8CCC0060 which means “Directory Login Failure”…. but dammit I had to open the C header file to find that error defined.




CCIE Study

So I brought home some books and have some material here for CCIE studying.

I think it’s finally time I started since I posted about it a LONG LONG time ago. So hopefully I’ll stick to studying for the next few months and you guys won’t be seeing too much of me.

If you do see me doing something besides studying.. yell at me.

Slow day at work!

Today we had a slow day at work. This was quite possibly the best thing that could ever happen to me.

I worked on an escalation, worked on my backlog, and just got to sit there without the phone ringing off the hook.

I even got to close a 70 day old case.

A very welcome change of pace from months of “struggle to get as much work as possible fit into the 11 hour day you know you’re going to work even though you could work 24 hours straight and still be weeks behind”

Also, today the high will be below 95 degrees for the first time in a while. Good thing I rode my motorcyle in 🙂

In closing… Awesome

Khalil Moves to NYC

I’m a bit behind on posts as always.

A week or so back my roommate Khalil started a job for Cisco up in NYC.

This is great for a number of reasons.

1. Khalil gets a pimp job in NYC.
2. I get an awesome master bedroom.

In honor of Khalil we had a “Going Away” party. It was a damn good time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people in the house at one time before.

Here are some pics to document the craziness.


It’s about that time for a monthly update. I know how sad you all would be if I let the entire month of April pass without an update.

Let’s see what’s new:

Heather moved in to the house. Now we’re pretty full with 4 people living here. It’s been fun so far. Having more people around means you’re never really that far away from having a party.

I was in training for a week. It was awesome. Training means that you have a schedule where you come into work for 8 hours, get an hour lunch, and then get to go home. This is a dream come true and such a GIANT change of pace from the usual work day:

Come in at 9:30… most often skip lunch and work on the phone/email through the noon hour.. work late with a customer.. catch up on emails until 7PM ish if it’s been a while since you’ve done that kind of thing.

Not everyone sticks around til 7. They must be better than I am at doing their job. I need to stay late to accomplish anything. Anything before noon is a waste to me anyway. Nothing productive ever happens in my brain until then. Maybe I could work a California shift here in NC.



I’ve been getting omgwtfbbq pwn3d by allergies this season. It all went down hill with the thin layer of yellow pollen that covered EVERYTHING in Raleigh. Luckily it rained yesterday and most of this hasn’t been circulated in the air yet. When it does get a bit dryer again I’m going to just hope that my Claritin holds out against the barrage.

Imagine waking up and not being able to breathe or open your eyes. This is my life with allergies. All day I itch, can’t breath, and want to claw my eyes out with the closest rustly metal object. It’s a good thing I have some drugs to make this just a bit more bearable.

I’ve been reading volumes lately. Here’s a list of the books I’ve read in March – April ish.

1. Mona Lisa Overdrive
2. Interface
3. V is for Vendetta
4. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
5. Pattern Recognition
6. Dune
7. Watchmen
8. The Once and Future King

I’m on The Once and Future King right now. Once I finish it I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll buy more books and keep up the reading freny. Maybe I’ll quit reading and become illiterate.

Now that the weather is getting nicer maybe I’ll work on this whole motorcycle and car thing. I still need to be a better rider, and there is an endless amount of cleaning and polishing that I could be doing after work.

On Being Single:
Yep, still single. What a bunch of suck that is. Although, I don’t know that I could hold a steady GF now anyway. I don’t have time for all of that bullshit. I’d have to drop my video games, or my reading.

It’s been nice having the time to myself. I think I’ve found plenty of ways to keep myself occupied. Maybe none of them are healthy. Two hobbies involve sitting for long periods of time with no activity: WoW and reading. The other involves going dangerously fast with absolutely no solid protection between me and the road: motorcycle.

Maybe I should pick an activity like going to the gym. I guess it just doesn’t seem exciting enough for me. Not that everyone would call WoW and reading exciting, but for me it is.

I’m sure you’ve had enough of my ramblings for April. Check back in May and maybe you’ll see something interesting.