Busy lately – Camping, Jeeping, Motorcycling, Partying

I haven’t posted in quite a while. That time has been filled with all sorts stuff. I’ve been riding my motorcycle around, going camping and Jeeping, Ward’s wedding, more motorcycling, and just hanging out with people around Raleigh and Chapel Hill.

I guess I’ll start with links to albums in chronological order, just to document things. I have such a backlog of stuff that I can’t really write it all out in detail. Instead, we’ll skip straight to the pics, and brief blurbs.

Pete and I took our motorcycles down to the beach one random day for lunch. We ate, walked around looking at girls in bikini’s then we turned around for Easter Dinner.

I went to Ward’s wedding and met up with a whole bunch of RIT and Cisco folks. It was incredible to have everyone together again. There was a lot of bittersweet talk about how this was the first and maybe last large reunion of so many RIT grads in one place.
Ward's wedding

There was camping and Jeeping after that.

Brendan and I took a random Thursday after that and went up to Richmond, VA to see Flogging Molly and Big D and the Kid’s table. They added ridiculously hot dancers. I was immediately in love. We also met up with Esther and her friend that night. It made for a long night. I eventually wound up riding my motorcycle at home from the Cisco parking lot at 3AM. Heated grips are AMAZING!

The next night we went out for Sasha’s birthday party. Raleigh was in full blown skirt season. It was excellent.

The first week of May is a Blur. Brendan’s friend Daniel had a grad party

I saw Steve’s band Idiom play at The Berkely. We met a cute Brunette that worked at an Animal Hospital

Aric had a house warming party where it was decided that everyone loved this girl

We also ran into another short Brunette who had opinions on whether or not Earth should be keeping a backup planet in the works for disaster recovery. Awesome.

Shapess, Andy and I had a random day out at Uwharrie. I had time to dial in the scope on my 22, AND spent some time shooting Shapess’ AK-47. Too much fun there.

On May 12th Kenneth, Pete, and I drove down to Charlotte to see Say Anything and Angels and Airwaves. Say Anything put on a good show but the set was too short unfortunately. It was nice to know that the girls belt out the lyrics to “Every Man Has a Molly” even louder than the guys.

You god damned kids had best be gracious with the Merch money you spend.
Cause for you I won’t ever have rough sex with Molly Connolly again.

I met a beautiful girl with so many awesome traits it’s hard to believe she actually exists.
1. Bartender
2. Graduated Culinary School
3. Loves the music scene
4. Gorgeous
5. Incredibly friendly / nice
6. Brunette
7. Tiny
8. Likes jeeps and motorcycles, knows how to replace a radiator.

Doubtful that said girl will actually get in touch with me – but it was a good night regardless. Another weeknight of getting home around 3AM. Energy drinks are my savior.

Just last night I went to a Skinny Tie Party at Justin Tiexera’s place.

I proceeded to introduce myself to a girl so forcefully that she immediately notified me she was someone elses wife. I need to do a better job looking for rings.
I also met another beautiful brunette who can bust out the quadratic equation at the drop of a ‘hat’. Math teachers for the win. There was Rock Band. People rocked out to Coheed and Cambria, and I sang my heart out to NIN – The Hand That Feeds. I don’t even need the scrolling words to sing this one:

And finally – today I went on an awesome motorcycle ride out to Wilson NC with my motorcycle gang. We hit up Parker’s BBQ and it was delicious. There was some really beautiful back country and great roads between here and Wilson if you avoid the highway.

After riding around NC I went over to Andy’s house and helped him tinker on his new front axle. We removed the diff cover and took out the locker, getting it ready for the new axle. We also greased up his lower control arms, and I drilled some holes for his new bump stops.

I am now VERY tired just thinking about all of that.

The future holds a trip to DC to see the air and space museum, and hopefully a trip out to the mountains with my Mom to check out the roads there.

In other non fun related matters, I’ve REALLY got to recertify my CCIE 🙁

August Update

It’s been a month since I’ve last posted. That month has contained all sorts of randomness. My schedule and routine is completely thrown off. I’ve been prety busy.

I’ve been stuck on this one problem at work the entire time which is a huge drain on me mentally. I’ve stopped going to the gym and just come home to relax instead.

Here’s a run down on some of the things I’ve been up to, in as close to chronological order as I can muster.

I posted all of the pictures from Networkers in San Francisco. Pete and I were there for the 4th of July weekend. We met beautiful girls, drank intoxicating beverages, and also learned ridiculous amounts about new technology. It was great to go as a CCIE and get extra special treatment. Here are some pictures of Networkers 2009.

Here’s Kenneth and I explaining something to an unruly and uncooperative Cisco Partner:

Kenneth Pete and I
Kenneth Pete and I

After I got back from Networkers I’m sure I did something worth writing about. I can’t remember what it might have been.

Just two weeks back or so I decided it was finally time to install my CB Radio in the Jeep. I mounted the radio in the cubby to the left of the steering wheel. It’s a pretty slick looking job, and allowed me to listen to the truckers on my way back and forth to the mountains.

Andy, Wes, Rebecca, and I went out to Hurricane Creek. Mile marker 8 on I-40. Just 8 miles from the Tennesee, North Carolina Border. This was one of the most beautiful and scenic trails I’ve taken the Jeep on yet. It was also the longest trail. We clocked in something like 10 or 15 miles of trail. Very cool.

Hurricane Creek Trail
Hurricane Creek Trail

We also managed to get some great YouTube videos of our Jeeping.

Here’s a video of me going over some big ass logs. This was fun. Listen to the V8 working.

It was a two day trip and you can look at all the pictures and videos in the previous links.

After getting back from Jeeping on Sunday night, I worked on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday night Brendan says to me:

Colleen is coming into town and Bringing her friend Kristan. I’m thinking of getting a Condo on the beach for the rest of the week and working from there.

I was undecided until we went out to dinner with Colleen and Kristan on Monday night. On Tuesday Brendan asked me again and I basically said.. “Fuck it, lets go.” Very unlike me to do something spontaneously like that. I need proper motivation. Which I suppose I had 😉

On Tuesday I left work and went straight to Brendan’s house after throwing some things together quickly. I packed in a rush, so forgot to bring swim trunks. Luckily Wings was open til midnight, and had cheap shorts.

Tuesday night was just dinner at Tower 7 and shopping. Notice that we started with the essentials for a beach trip: Corona and Limes.


Wednesday Brendan and I worked from the place, and took our lunch break on the beach. Lots of fun!

Wednesday night was dinner at Dock Street Oyster Bar, followed by a Ghost Tour of Wilmington, follow by Rum Runners.

Dock Street Oyster Bar
Dock Street Oyster Bar
Kristan at Rum Runners
Kristan at Rum Runners

Thursday night was Pizza, Rum, and Spades. Brendan taught us how to play spades which was actually a lot of fun. By the time  we finished spades it was 1AM, Colleen had passed out, and Brendan was stumbling around. So, obviously, the next step was to go to the bar. Which Brendan and I did. This is what that resulted in at 1:30AM:

Late Night 40
Late Night 40

Friday Brendan and I recovered by laying on the beach, walking around, and swimming. We took a walk on the pier with the girls, had a good brunch, and then headed to the Aquarium.

Aquarium - Sea Turtle
Aquarium - Sea Turtle

Saturday was a Brewery Tour, followed by Better Than Ezra in the rain. They put on a great  show, and standing around in the rain wasn’t so bad.

Brewery Tour
Brewery Tour

Here’s Kristan drying off a bit after the rain:

Kristan Drying Off
Kristan Drying Off

Here we are on Sunday. Work starts  up again in the morning, but I am heading out of town again on Wednesday to go to Florida until next Tuesday. Lots of beach time for me.

So that’s my update for the past month. Lots of working, lots of playing. Hanging out with beautiful girls at the beach.

If I missed anything in my stories, just add it into the comments.

Back from the beach.

I just got back from a week at the beach. It was pretty damn awesome and here are some pictures.

Right now I’m unpacking from the beach and packing to head out to Indianapolis for the weekend.

Woo MotoGP.

It looks like weather is going to get both of my vacation trips. The tail end of Hannah made the beach pretty rough at the beach house (although the week was great after that), and Ike is going to make for a wet MotoGP race. Oh well.

Time for me to get my stuff together and head to the airport. More about the beach and MotoGP when I’m back on Monday.


There was a party, it was awesome. Everyone was there.

Pirates vs Ninjas

Jason came down to visit with his girl Ashley. It was the best time I’ve had in a while. Interesting and memorable events unfolded as always.

Since the party I bought a GPS for my motorcycle and have been thinking about that *Touring NC* goal. It’s within reach. I am looking at buying a taller windscreen and a more comfy seat to hook my bike up for longer rides.

I also had an interesting realization about girls, or at least what I’m looking for.

I would not classify myself as a happy person. If left to my own devices by myself I would pursue interesting activities, and I would be immersed in them completely. I would have intense focus.

I would be content.

I realize I will fall for pretty much any girl who I smile around. This is my tell tale weakness. If I am involved in a conversation with a girl and there is laughing, smiling, and me being happy, I am pretty much done for. This satisfies almost all of my requirements. It is a completely different sort of contentment. The positive interaction with a person (especially of the opposite sex) fulfills something I didn’t even know I needed. Now going without is painful.

It is this social interaction and sharing that moves me from a content person to a happy person. There is a line that is crossed where I go from full, to overflowing

For now I will focus on non-people activities, but watch for me to smile.. You’ll be able to tell when something is up 😉

CCIE Attempt #3 – PASS – Voice CCIE # 20707

I passed my CCIE Voice certification.

After three grueling attempts I am finished. I managed to come out passing with CCIE # 20707.

This last test I really destroyed. I walked out of there a few minutes before the exam ended because I knew it was done.

I put as much brain power into it as I had with me. The lab was finished to the best of my ability. Apparently my ability is enough to get a CCIE.


I now am free to focus on anything I like. The burden of unfinished responsibility is no longer mine to bear.

I am going to celebrate. After that I am going to figure out what to do with $5000 dollars. Something shiny with an engine *might* be in order.

And now.. on to the rest of my goals:

1. Tour NC on my motorcycle
2. Get pilot license again
3. Write google calendar integration plugin for pidgin
4. See a motogp race
5. Rebuild web server / mail server for hosting

Book Club MeetUp

Munns convinced me to check out MeetUp.com for something I might be interested in.

I love reading, and need to meet more people / become comfortable talking to strangers.

Joining a book club seemed like a great way to accomplish these things.

Brendan and I joined this club that meets in and around Durham. We had our first meeting tonight reading God’s Middle Finger which was really entertaining. Talking about it was just as fun.

Next month we’re reading Maus, a graphic novel about the holocaust (sounds crazy but won a pulitzer back in the 90s). I’m really excited to expand my literary horizons. Normally I read the same stuff over and over.

On top of meeting new people I hope to meet new types of books. So far it’s going well.

Updates monthly on this.

Christmas and New Years

It’s taken me a while to get around to posting, but the holidays around here were a pretty good time. There was some celebrating, and a lot of relaxing.

Mostly relaxing.

But I do have pictures of the celebrating part. Let me give you some of the high lights.

Wes had a party over at his place to celebrate christmas. The Cisco folks were that and we tried to have a little bit of christmas spirit. I think Peng did it best:

Peng Mok - Santa

We had a secret santa at Matt’s house. Interesting that he was into christmas given the whole jewish thing and what not. We played monopoly.. well I watched people play monopoly.


New Years was an awesome time. We had pretty much no clue what we were going to do before hand, but I came up with the idea of ice skating. It turned out to be awesome.

It had been a while since everyone was together:
In Line

A rare picture of me:

An interesting pose:
Heather Pose

We went out to Napper Tandy’s later and ran into Ray and Ashlynn. That was pretty awesome:

Ray and Ashlynn

and everyone rejoiced… maybe a little too much for some:

New Years Group

And then everyone went back to work.

Up next.. CCIE attempt #2 then vacation.

Labor Day Weekend 07

Labor day weekend has been a glorious time so far.

It started out with motorcycles, moved on to drinking, and finished up with a slip and slide party.

I’m using today as a recovery day. I hurt everywhere from that damn slip and slide. Apparently the ground is hard as hell at Kaufman’s house. Pretty hard everywhere so I’m told.

Saturday we went out to Rum Runners

We had a good time there after we made it through the post game traffic downtown.

Kurt and Brendan pretended to be the Captain:
You and the Captain..

We lubed up with some shots:

Took some good group photos:
Happy Group

Brendan and Lauren made some awesome faces:
Awesome Face

And Kurt got molested on stage:

Molested Loving It Bad Boy

That sums up Rum Runners. There was some very drunk Cook Out after that… but I can’t say that I really remember all of it.

Sunday was the day of the Slip and Slide Party. I had been promised a cornucopia of hot college girls ready to slip and slide all day long in the hot sun wearing barely nothing and drinking like fish.

This did not come to pass… but I got to slipe and slide with a whole bunch of dudes.. and we still had fun with it. Got pretty drunk to boot. MMMM Keg of Yuengling.

Here’s Lauren’s butt just because she thought Kurt got too much camera action the night before:
Laurens Ass

And here’s some wet dudes. Do with it what you will.
Hose Down Nice Pose

And Just for Fun… Rey’s Balls!

And now… on with the Monday afternoon relaxing. Bring on the awesome.

Another good weekend

One word will summarize this weekend.


The weekend of the Mustache party was upon us. Everyone had worked as hard as they possibly could for weeks (or a few days for some) to grow the most glorious Mustache possible.

I went with a T formation

Jesse went with the very awesome southern extended mustache.

I think the general consensus was that Jesse won the mustache contest.

Heather even rocked out the stache

Amy was wearing a surprised mustache

As with any of our parties, there was drunken ridiculousness

Rey brought a whole bunch of hotties. I don’t have any good pictures.. but it was awesome.

There was some flip cup, some beer pong, and some drunk sets.

All in all it was a great night. A night to be remembered.