Obsidian for Tasks and Lowering Blood Pressure

I started creating tasks in Obsidian using the tasks plugin and at first it was amazing. It really helped me lower my stress levels because I knew that I could just write something down in my notes and Obsidian would remember it for me. I could quickly scan through my task list and make sure I wasn’t forgetting something important.

This went fine for a few weeks, until my pile of incomplete tasks started to stack up. Then I’d wake up on a Saturday morning to look at my list of outstanding obligations. My failure as a husband, friend, and homeowner were standing in clear definition right in front of me.

How could I possibly sit down and relax if I had all this stuff to do.

Let’s look at my problematic solution. I was using a simple query to easily pull together all of the incomplete tasks from every note.

not done

I’d see something like the following when that query was executed.

Stuff I Haven’t Done Because I Suck

Then my amazing sister had a great idea. What if on the weekend I cut myself some slack? What if I just looked at the high priority stuff on the weekends and let everything else go for some other time?

This has been a treat and has really lowered my blood pressure.

Now my query is:

not done
priority is high
starts before tomorrow
short mode
group by tags

And my list looks something like

I can do this!

The key is really filtering for the high priority tasks. That’s the priority is high line. Then hiding anything that hasn’t started yet starts before tomorrow is great too. Anything that I would have to do next week, or next month, doesn’t need to wreck my Saturday.

The short mode and the group by are just there for a little more structure.

Thanks technology for helping me prioritize. Also thanks to my sister!

Obsidian for Notes

I’ve been using Obsidian to take notes and track all the action items in my life. I’ve really enjoyed it and even signed up for the paid sync service.

I blame my sister Jen for this, because she’s the one who got me started with bullet journals. I journaled on paper for a few years, but then got a bit behind. I found myself either too busy, too tired, or too distracted to pick up the pen and the journal. I ALSO found myself really struggling with how to even make sense of two years worth of bullet journals and the pile of unresolved bullets.

Obsidian helps out here because I can take notes from my phone, iPad, or computer. I’m also a huge nerd about queries so I’m using Tasks and DataView so I can keep track of and sort the outstanding items.

Like most things I pick up – it INEVITABLY gets put back down when everything else gets too busy – but I’ve found it easy to pick back up.

I also created a “Shortcut” so I can voice activate create a note with Siri. Maybe that’s a post for another day.

Croatia Cruise and Cycling Vacation

Two bikes on the hill

Kat and I had a covid-delayed trip to Croatia booked for quite some time. The tour company and airline allowed us to push the trip back from our original 2020 date. We signed up for two weeks in Croatia – with one week spent on a boat – getting dropped off at idyllic cycling locations.

When case numbers dropped lower in the spring/summer of 2021, folks were getting vaccinated, and international travel was a thing people told us they were successfully doing, we decided to commit to the trip. It was amazing! Here are the photos.

Here’s what I wished I had known BEFORE the trip:

  • Germans take cycling seriously and will suit up accordingly 😉
  • When you bike from a boat – you start every day at sea level.
  • When you think of a flat island – you are wrong. You will climb a mountain every day.
    • The scenery is worth it.
    • You should train harder.
    • Get the electric bike when they offer it!
  • People riding electric bikes do not make a good group ride with traditional bikes
    • The electric biker will inevitably STOP at the bottom of the hill in front of you – then start up again and pass you.
    • They will also order a beer and dessert at the lunch stop – with seemingly no ill effect on performance! (SO JEALOUS!)

Here’s how I would summarize what I learned about Croatia on the trip.

  • Croatia is beautiful everywhere.
    • You can’t turn around without taking a photo of some scenic water vista or some castle on a cliff-side.
  • The people are incredibly kind and make great hosts.
  • They love cats!
  • The food is amazing with plenty of great options wherever you go.
  • Overall – it was a pretty affordable trip!

In summary: We would definitely add Croatia on our list of places to visit again!

How To: Get a Job in Technical Marketing

Something different: A post about career and work instead of home improvement and travel. 😉

  • Have you ever wondered what it takes to be in marketing at a tech company?
  • Are you curious what a career path looks like for someone after 20 years in tech?
  • Do you think technical marketing is an oxymoron?

Thanks to my colleague Ashwini Vasanth I was able to answer these questions in her podcast: “Through The Corporate Glass – Ep 24 – The DNA of a Technical Marketing Engineer

It was a great experience going through the interview process and lots of fun to walk down my career memory lane. Ashwini has a knack for asking questions that get me to think about everything I’ve done that got me here, and how it fits together.

The short story is that I’ve been at Nutanix for almost 7 years and before that I was at Cisco for 9. Prior to work, I spent 5 years at school stewing in everything IT and networking related. Along the way I’ve held a few different jobs but found myself in the role of “Technical Marketing” for the last 3+ years. While those two words may not seem like a natural fit at first glance, I view it as a culmination and combination of everything I’ve done so far. So much of this job is finding technical solutions to problems and then creating content that makes the solution easy to understand.

To find out more, listen to the podcast.

Home Improvement Landscaping

The previous owner of our property believed in letting nature run its course entirely without human intervention. As a result our front yard had been a long outstanding project that we’d been afraid to tackle. In addition, we had some serious drainage problems that led to standing water in the driveway, and sump pumps that just dumped out into the front yard surface.

This year we decided to change all that and had For Garden’s Sake do some landscaping for us. In addition to dealing with the drainage, and overgrowth, we wanted them to fix the front yard that AT&T had dug up numerous times, as well as connect our awesome new front porch to the driveway in a nice looking way. I would say mission accomplished – but you can judge for yourself looking at the following before and after shots:


New paint, new porch, old landscaping.


New landscaping and stonework leading up to the front porch.

It’s a huge improvement, and the galleries above should give you an idea of the overall project and progress for the entire front yard. We’re happy with the work and looking forward to watching all of these new native plants grow.

Best of all, there is no more standing water to worry about!

News Feed Idea

Here’s an idea I had to curate my news feed.

Search all titles and lead paragraphs for the word ‘actually’ or [\d+] [things|ways] and give me a way to hide them, block the article or entire site, or compose a letter to their editor with a list of their offenses.

It seems like everyone is doing it these days with actually and listicles in my feed, but maybe there are just one or two offenders I could block to scrub for content quality.

However, maybe they’re doing me a favor by providing a ‘click bait’ metadata tag so I know to stay far away. Maybe they should keep doing it. What do you think?

18 Years of Blogging

This blog has been alive in some form since 2002. As you can imagine a lot has changed in 18 years. The blog has moved physically from servers under desks, servers in closets, to finally virtual machines in the cloud. Even those VMs have changed AWS instance sizes and Ubuntu LTS versions over time. The blogging platform has also changed. I started this thing with a custom set of PHP pages that I wrote myself to pull entries from a MySQL database. I migrated to something called Serendipity for a while to get more features and then finally to WordPress. All the while the MySQL backend has been pretty much the same.

My photo sharing strategy has also changed. I moved from a directory of images, to Menalto Gallery, to Gallery3, and recently to Piwigo. Gallery3 has been unsupported for a VERY long time, but the nail in the coffin was that it required me to keep an older PHP version on the server. The switch to Piwigo allows me to ditch my Ubuntu PPAs for old PHP versions, and lets me use a photo sharing platform that receives updates, has themes, and works well on mobile.

The problem I face now is that in 18 years I’ve linked to a LOT of photos directly from the blog posts. In some places I wrote the HTML directly, in other places I inserted a link to an image using a WordPress block. In almost all of those cases I’m linking to Gallery3 album pages that no longer function. ALL of the older JPG images are still in the Gallery3 folders, taking up lots of space since they also exist in Piwigo.

I’m left with a few options:

  1. Go back and edit every single blog post that linked to images with the new Piwigo links.
    1. This may be easier if I create a LOT of permalinks inside Piwigo’s “category” structure for albums.
  2. Create some complicated mod_rewrite rule that intercepts the old links and sends to the new link.
    1. This will REQUIRE that I create a lot of permalinks in Piwigo.
  3. Put some boilerplate text at the top of every old post that points to the new high level photo gallery.
    1. Not great, because if I’ve learned anything – this won’t be the last platform migration I ever do.
  4. Do nothing. Leave the old links and images broken. Think only of now.
    1. This is tempting, but there is a lot of nostalgia in those old posts.

Wish me luck on this project. I still have some work to do, and next week I should have some time to focus on it.

Update 2020-04-29:

Crazy twist. I reinstalled a BUNCH of PHP packages from a custom PPA and replaced them with the default Ubuntu repo packages and now my old Gallery3 is working again. I suppose this gives me an option to keep old images on Gallery3, and new images in Piwigo. Still more thought needed here.

Brenneka’s Wedding

Brendan and Anneka’s Wedding

Our amazing friends Brendan and Anneka (henceforth known as Brenneka) got married in Colorado on New Years Eve 2019/2020. It was an awesome time and we used the trip to see old friends, get outdoors, and just have a great time.

Side note: This trip in December was also what partially inspired my “Dry January”.

We spent the first few days of the trip with Mark and Jennifer, Kat’s flight attendant friends who live in Denver. We had a good time exploring local breweries and hanging out while we were snowed in. They may THE BEST breakfast – definitely a great visit! We were a little jealous of how much they get to travel. So many great photos on the wall from so many places.

After two days in Denver we got picked up by Rama and Graciela and took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was freezing cold up there so we decided to go on a hike around the like, and even hike out onto a frozen lake.

At the end of the park day we headed back south to Como, Colorado to stay in a tiny AirBnB cabin. It was a neat little place up on a very cold very windswept plain right next to the town of Fairplay, which is apparently the hometown that South Park is based on.

Waking up in the frigid -15 F temps we decided to take it a little easy and roll on up to Breckenridge around 9ish for cross country skiing. We bundled up like crazy and even though it was below zero we were still sweating and had to drop layers.

After getting our skis under us we headed straight back to Denver for night 1 of friend hangout and partying. Day 2 we met friends for brunch in a giant group, took a quick nap, then had an amazing New Years Eve wedding and reception downtown.

This was a fantastic trip. It had been such a long time since the gang was all together. It was nice to mix up some exercising, exploring, and partying all in one trip.

Home Improvement Porch Project

Kat bought our house around the same time that I bought my condo in 2014, before we even met! It’s an amazing property on a large wooded lot with nice privacy and set back a bit from the street in a quiet neighborhood.

The house had a great back deck with room for an outdoor dining table. Being in the woods and in NC means we had quite a few usable months for the porch – but our nemesis, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, made the outdoors pretty much a no-go-zone whenever it was above freezing for a few weeks.

Old Back Deck – Tree Removal In Progress

For years we were spraying for mosquitoes trying to keep the situation under control. We weren’t happy about having a service spray chemicals, but the mosquitoes were so thick in the air as to create a visible blood-sucking cloud.

We stopped the spray service when our next-door neighbor started raising bees and at that point we ceded control back to the mosquitoes. We needed to take more drastic (and expensive) measures to maintain an outdoor dining experience.

Last year, we decided we were going to replace the rotting front and rear decks with new long-lasting Trex Deck material and build a covered screened in section in the back. Along the way we cut down a number of trees, replaced the roof, and are nearing the final point where the back porch gets a screen added. Check out the album below to see the house as it changed over time.

Photos of our house project

We’re excited to use the new covered section as the temperatures warm up. We even plan on spending a few of our work from home days out there. We made sure there was PLENTY of power and that the WiFi signal covers the area!

There are still a few finishing touches we’re waiting on in addition to the screens. We need gutters and downspouts, to finish the paint on the outside siding, a few more lights and switches wired in, and some interior trim.

The next part of this crazy project is landscaping – but that may have to wait a while. What do you think of the new porch and the new look?