Park City – Day 4

Day 4 of Park City gave us a few more inches of snow. This day was completely dedicated to Adventure Alley runs. We completed all of the Adventure Alley runs on the mountain! Each one is demarcated by a little metal monster.

I put together a string of runs during breakfast and then we went to execute on the plan.

Think mountain biking or dirt biking, but on a snowboard. There are banked turns through the trees and a pretty set path to follow with a bit of variation. You have to pick your line right to make the turn, otherwise you’re jumping over the bank instead of cutting a hard turn. WAY TOO MUCH FUN!

Brendan hurt his knee and had to go back early. Apparently I missed an epic face plant.

I worked a change window that went well and then we went out in Park City for Sushi. It’s a cool little place to walk around in.