Airplane Post – Utah Bound

I’m bound for Park City Utah with Brendan, Anneka, Kenneth, Peter, Paul, and Dave (who I haven’t met yet (or is it whom?)). The flight from ATL to SLC seems to take forever. So long that I was suckered into buying 90 minutes of Internet for $12 dollars.

This is ridiculous. I know it to be ridiculous. I did it anyway. Now I’m writing to you about it.

What should I make of that?

I’m reading Don Quixote – but it wasn’t enough to hold my plane interest. I found some new sci-fi books I want to read. I should have loaded them up on my Kindle. Will make a note of that for the ride home.

Funny story.. One of the girls from The Flying Saucer was on the plane from RDU to ATL. Then I saw her in the ATL airport, and AGAIN on the plane to SLC. I’ll have to chat her up once we land and figure out what sort of strange coincidence finds a waitress and her loyal alcoholic customer bound for the same destination.

On to the rest of The Internet before we land.