Tech Weekend – Barley

I realized I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog. Mike Rundle (@flyosity) posted a quick link to Barley showing they had Word Press support. I watched the video and was pretty impressed. WYSIWYG editing for a blog. I just GO to the site and can start typing into the web page. AWESOME!


I’m having some difficulty so I’m not sure I’m going to keep using it, but if they fix some bugs I could be on board. I could probably try a different browser and see if that helps. Using Chrome now.

  1. Sometimes when I highlight text I don’t get the popup to take an action.
  2. When you DO highlight text and get the edit box to pop up for a link you’re still not guaranteed smooth sailing. Moving the cursor outside the popup causes it to disappear. I do this often because the popup has http:// auto filled. I’m going to copy my link straight from the URL of my other open tab so I need to select the pre-filled http:// and delete the damn thing. If I click and drag outside the tiny popup it goes away. CTRL-A has become my answer for this. Instead just don’t prefill http:// dudes :(  
  3. The Publish option isn’t even available! I’m writing this in the standard editor now. to finish it up.
  4. When you insert a YouTube video the video preview doesn’t show right away so you just have a big white space where you HOPE the video will go.

Here’s what I mean about the size of the pop. I usually start by clicking on the right and dragging back to the left. I’ve only got about 8 pixels or whatever of run off on the left before fiery popup death. Very frustrating.

If all these get fixed though that’ll make me more likely to blog. After going through and reading this list again I’m initially disappointed. I’ll give it more time before I throw in the towel.