Conor Oberst

I had never heard of Conor Oberst or Bright Eyes before I became friends with Kristan. She was(still is) IN LOVE with the moody front man. I didn’t catch on until I started listening to some of his more energetic offerings recently.

Let’s start with an example. This is the sort of music that I didn’t fully get behind. Let me know what you think of “Milk Thistle”:

Certainly I wouldn’t describe my music tastes as “upbeat” but this lacks the power I’m looking for. Would you call it folk? Folk like? It’s not 100% for me.

Then because of my Spotify randomness I hit on Desparecidos which blew me away. Here’s a sample – Mall Of America:

The whole album gave me a different view of the guy as a performer. There is more range than just the man who sounds like he’s slowly bleeding his heart out on stage. This guy is pumping it out violently. Definitely my style!

Here comes the crazy part – it took me a while to find a song of his I didn’t like. After listening to some more old stuff I got a taste for it and gained appreciation. A lot like drinking beer. At first you don’t understand why anyone would do this to themselves willingly, then you’re shopping in a boutique store in another city for a rare sour brew.

Now that you’ve listened to Mall of America go back and listen to the full album.

I already posted once about Spent On Rainy Days so I’ll just point you back to that earlier post. You’ll be missing out if you don’t click that previous link.