Tech Thanksgiving

Work has been insane lately. Big projects all happening at the same time and things going wrong unexpectedly. I’m writing because I finally have a 4 day break from work. 4 days is just long enough to stop thinking about all the stressful things I’m confronted with during a normal day.

With these 4 days I’m planning to really enjoy my time with serious geeking out. Here’s the list of tech items I’d like to hammer out:

  1. MySQL inside my blog AWS server has been crashing. I added a swap file to my t1.micro instance that’ll hopefully fix this.
  2. Amazon RDS? Maybe a dedicated database instance. Who knows?
  3. I want notification when my cloud services stop working. Either I want to do this with the Amazon Cloud Watch APIs or some external service. I’ve tinkered with the APIs and they seem a bit complicated for my single blog setup.
  4. Barley Editor. Done!
  5. BitCoin. I’m interested in security and what is more interesting than a crypto currency? Right now 1 BTC = $1035 which seems insane. It’s just skyrocketed lately so maybe not a good investment now. Needs further investigation.
  6. Video games? Probably.
  7. Shopping for snowboard equipment. Not geeky really – but still something I want to do.


2013-12-15 update: I added some swap space and haven’t had any trouble since.