This morning around 8:10AM I was checking the news, traffic, and weather before making the trip into work. Out of nowhere I heard a huge thud and immediately went to look out on the street for the car crash I knew must have happened.

It shook my chair and I’m on the 6th floor!

I didn’t see anything out the window and assumed it must have been a REALLY heavily loaded truck hitting the pothole out front.

When I went to leave the parking garage and loop around the building I saw that an SUV had crashed into the building’s front entrance under my apartment. This letter I got from Hue (apartment complex) probably explains why I heard zero brake /tire noises before the crash. Tire squealing is almost always present before crashes in that intersection. I’ve seen a few in the 2 years I’ve lived there. This one was dead silence before the thud.

This morning a man crashed his truck into the Hue entrance.

It happened around 8:30am. The driver experienced “brake failure” when he crashed into the front side of the building. Several people were in the car. Thankfully, they were not injured. MAA is working hard to repair the building. We are pleased no one was hurt. Please let us know, if you have any questions.

Please be careful when walking on the sidewalk.

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    1. Well I was already awake. But definitely an odd way to start the day – someone driving a car into your building.

      Months later it still isn’t fixed. The put some plywood over the damaged brick. Then they painted a brick color and pattern on top of the plywood. I don’t even…

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