Snowboarding 2012/2013

I’ve been on a few snowboard trips this season.

  1. New Years – Vail
  2. January Colorado Redux – Copper and Winter Park
  3. March – Snowhoe with a giant group
  4. Late March – Wintergreen for an unexpected snow day

Vail was a great trip (but we could have used more snow) with a pretty big group of people. New Year’s Eve in Colorado is a pretty good way to do it. We need to remember though that the better snow seems to come later 🙁

Sun rise on the Rockies.
This is why I’m not answering your email.


After the New Year’s trip Brendan said “Hey, my buddy is opening a brewery in Denver. Do you want to go back out?” I said yes immediately, even though I had just returned from Colorado days earlier. I had some vacation time to take. We hit up Copper and Winter Park (moguls can suck it). There are also some shots of Craig’s brewery in here:

View from the Winter Park lift.
View from the Winter Park lift.


After a busy January I took February off from boarding an focused on work for the entire month. March rolled around though and it was time for some spring skiing at Snowshoe, WV. The weather was sunny and sometimes warm. The slopes were filled with college girls on Spring Break. We had an awesome chalet to stay in. This was a great trip.

A colorful group of friends at Snowshoe.
A colorful group of friends at Snowshoe.


We decided to make one last ditch effort at boarding in March. It was the weekend after a balmy 70 degree St Patrick’s day in Raleigh. We headed up to Wintergreen and were greeted by cold (and SURPRISE) a snow storm. We had several inches dumped on us while we were boarding. Best trip ever and a great way to wrap up the season.

Our group in the late season snow!
Our group in the late season snow!

We even managed to get a video of Kenneth and Pete coming over Lower Cliffhanger. I like Kenneth’s roller coaster technique.


Kenneth did mention that A-Basin is open until something crazy like June so maybe there is one more trip left. Who knows?! This was a good season though. I’m much faster than last year and more confident in my ability to haul ass without serious injury.