DC and Raleigh with Jason, Ashley and Robbie

Since visiting Buffalo in June / July we all decided the crew needed to visit Raleigh. Labor Day worked out to be the best time. On the way down Jason, Ashley, and Robbie wanted to stop in DC. That seemed cool to me so I flew up to meet them there and bummed a ride back down for the long weekend to Raleigh.

Here’s a link to the full DC / Raleigh album.

Since Devon also lives in DC I figured I’d let him know we were raiding his town. We actually wound up staying in his building. Thanks Devon!

Outside Devon’s Place

We started in the morning and hit the Metro up toward The Mall. We did the normal tourist walk and checked out The Washington Monument, The WWII Memorial, The Reflecting Pool, The Lincoln Monument, the Vietnam wall.

Still our walk continued, we checked out The White House, and the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. At that point I think it was lunch time and we grabbed some BBQ on 7th.

After BBQ it was the Air and Space Museum followed by a walk around The Capitol Building. That was a hell of a lot of walking. I think we added it up and tallied something like just over 6 miles, maybe 7. We had some smoothies with Devon and Stef and then headed back to Raleigh via Richmond.

In Richmond we met up with a high school buddy Mitch and visited a local brewery for some snacks, a beer or two and a growler. We left the brewery behind and the passengers slept off the pints on the way to Raleigh.

We spent the weekend in Raleigh hanging out and recovering a bit from how crazy our day in DC was.

Here are some more shots taken along the way.

Robbie and I hanging out under the NY section of the WWII Memorial.
Lincoln Memorial was awesome. Spent time reading all the text on the walls.
Copying and iconic shot.
White House shot with the group.

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