Cisco Live 2012 in San Diego

Another catch up post here about a trip to San Diego straight from Hawaii for Cisco Live 2012. Seems like the weeks and months have just been melting away recently so I’ll do my best to keep things brief on summary while hitting the high points. It’s nice to look back and remember all the good times. Even better to jot them down for posterity.

I was headed out to be a backup speaker for a session on SIP Trunking (as mentioned in a previous post).

The first order of business on arrival was to take brewery tours of Green Flash and Stone, followed by dinner at Stone. This turned out to be a great idea.

We crammed a whole bunch of TAC engineers onto a bus and headed for beer town. This was a pretty cool cross site team bonding event!

Yep, it’s beer

The octopus was cool. No idea what that’s really for though.

Part of the Jeeping crew on the West Coast

Tons of people on an Escalator headed for the opening day of the conference

The CCIE party was on an air craft carrier. Pretty much the most bad ass place I’ve ever had the chance to drink a beer… sitting in a helicopter on the deck of an air craft carrier.

The we gave a presentation

The customer appreciation even was Weezer. They somehow topped the air craft carrier

I ran into Liz who I hadn’t seen in a while, but kept bumping into throughout the week.

The grass in the outfield of PetCo park feels pretty good!

Cisco Live 2012 was a really fun event. A week of hanging out with colleagues, attending training sessions, meeting with customers, and presenting our own session. This was an insanely busy week that required some time to recover from.