Snow Boarding and Mardi Gras Motorcycling

I’ve been extremely busy being eXtreme lately.

Here are some pictures of a snow board trip I took to Tahoe with Brendan, Kurt, Lauren, and Marcy.

I also rode 1000 miles from Raleigh, NC to New Orleans, LA and back. I tried to get my Iron Butt certification (1000 documented miles in < 24 hours) but just missed it due to some terrible weather. It rained on me for something like 20 hours of the 36 hours I sat on my motorcycle. I rode through several tornado warning zones. I don’t really know how I can endure distances like that. It clears my head though. I enjoy the solitude and scenery. I’d do it again just to get away from things. I can just head out any direction I please for hundreds (or thousands) of miles. In NOLA I met Jason and Ashley, Dan and Tammy, and Chuck and Gina for a week of Mardi Gras celebration. Here are pictures of motorcycles, and drinking. You can’t really go wrong here. I loved New Orleans and ordering drinks to go. The music and costumes were the best part.

Oh, and I wandered into a spontaneous Mardi Gras parade:

On St. Patrick’s Day I fell in love with a beautiful brunette. She was really friendly and we got along quite well. Her boyfriend did not appreciate this. I realized that I definitely have a type, and my friends know it now too. They saw her and said “Burns, you would like this girl”. They were definitely right. I saw her and said, “This won’t end well for anyone.”

I wish I remembered more of the night, but when I realized I’d met yet another great girl with a boyfriend, I started drinking at a brain and liver punishing level. I sincerely have been trying to avoid that – but having a DD and a reason makes it tough 😉 Tomorrows will bring better days though.

I can’t say that I should only ever pursue single girls (even though some of my friends INSIST I MUST). It’s rare that I meet a girl who gets me to talk, let alone try hitting on her. But, I think I’ll make something of an effort to leave the “It’s Complicated” girls alone.