Random thoughts and confusion

My home PC died. I could fix it but just don’t care enough. I’m posting from my phone now. I’m addicted to the computer anyway. Maybe a few weeks off will help. Maybe I’ll just be addicted to my phone instead.

When I think of girls that catch my interest I think of Say Anything lyrics:

Across the room
I hear ‘hey, hey hey hey, come polinate me.’

It really is like that on a non verbal subconscious level. It’s just something I can feel.

My complete and utter disregard for speed limits will most likely end with me in jail, dead, or worse. I’m not entirely sure how to temper my need for speed. Maybe I should spend some time at a race track so I’m slower on the street. Get the speed out. Maybe I should get a chauffeur like the guy with the Maserati that goes 185.

I find myself caring less and less about more and more. I’m hoping I’ll find something worth caring about. Selfish interests and indulgent pursuits have been my forte… I just don’t know how much longer that’s sustainable. There must be some purpose to work for besides the weekend?

Does anyone want to come see Menomena, The Thermals, Say Anything, Saves The Day, or Motion City Soundtrack? I’m planning on ditching any and all obligations so I can make those shows in NC.

I’m heading back to NY this weekend for Tiffanys wedding. I can’t get enough of solo road trips. I like my own company in the car apparently. Having music and time to think also helps.

Hope this has been random enough.

3 Replies to “Random thoughts and confusion”

  1. Have some Beowulf, son:

    “For every one of us, living in this world means waiting for our end. Let whoever can win glory before death. When a warrior is gone, that will be his best and only bulwark…
    Endure your troubles today. Bear up
    and be the man I expect you to be.”

  2. I agree with the youth comment. Last time I saw Say Anything is was a bunch of 16 – 20 year old girls screaming along to “Every Man Has A Molly”..

    “You god damned kids best be gracious with the merch money you spend
    Cause for you I won’t ever have rough sex with Molly Connoly again”


    Either way I like the music – even if some of the crowd is a little on the young side. Just look for other people with “over 21” bracelets and I should be ok.

  3. Burns, you’ve been sufficiently random – let me say this though: I haven’t seen Saves the Day since 2003 (Roseland Ballroom, Manhattan), or Say Anything since 2005 (Some fucking bar, Cleveland), or Motion City Soundtrack since 2005 (fuck if I know, I was drunk) – but I remember the trend at those times was a kind of youthenizing of the crowd: it’s hard for me to enjoy a concert populated with people who can’t legally buy cigarettes. Also this is a sideways-fucked time of year – autumn will mess with you. It’s biology…or sorcery.

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