CCIE renewed + Beach

I passed my CCIE Voice recertification. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I did pretty well and spent more time stressing about it that I should have. It’ll be nice to get the recert money.

Brendan invited me down to the beach. I have pictures here:

Now back to work after the amazing weekend. So much fit into the weekend.

Junkyard hunting for Andy’s cruise control parts
Meeting a new roommate
Motorcycle Ride and BBQ #1 at Andrae’s
BBQ #2 at Samir’s
Beach Trip to Wilmington for BBQ #3 at Sundeep’s
Back home for BBQ #4 at Scott’s

Delicious, fun, exhausting. Also, downloading the day’s New York Times for 99 cents on the Kindle makes for a great way to kill the 2.5 hour car ride back from Wilmington.

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  1. Sooo sad that I wasn’t able to come down to play this weekend. Glad you had so many BBQ and delicious fun.

    ps. you skipped #4?

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