2010 Kawasaki Concours 14

I went down to Team Powersports in Smithfield on Saturday morning. Justin let me test ride the 09 demo model they had there. First, everyone in the shop seemed very cool. Second, this bike is big and heavy, but once you get on it that all disappears. It handled like a featherweight at slow city traffic speeds. U turns and figure 8s are no problem. At highway speed it would lay over left and right with just a little flick.

In 4th gear when pulling out to pass someone at about 60 mph you can do about 100 by the time you’re at the front of the car you’re trying to pass. It doesn’t have a buzzy high revving 600cc sportbike power. It’s a sneaky, large 1.4L displacement power that just rockets you up to speed without much noise.

The adjustable windshield was pretty awesome. I’m really excited about putting on some serious miles now that I have a machine made for it.

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After the test ride I wound up buying the 2010 ABS model. They’re putting it together from the warehouse and it should be ready sometime this week.

The rest of my time and energy will be spent on hooking up my Zumo 550 and maybe even the XM radio feature, and planning routes. Anybody want to ride up to Indianapolis for MotoGP in August with Pete Slow and myself?






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    the derek

    get a real motorcycle… where on earth are you going to use 1400cc’s of inline four besides on a 20+ mile stretch of perfectly smooth, straight highway.


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