Watchmen – Excellent

I just finished watching the Director’s Cut of Watchmen.



I read the comic years back and loved it. The dark and gritty story. The everyman super hero. I loved everything about it. It was such a change of pace from your normal black and white super hero story.

The movie added even more to that. The directors cut didn’t shy away from any of the nasty bits either. That’s what I loved. It showed the absolutely most vile aspects of the story for exactly what they were, and said “This is your reality. It’s ugly. Deal with it.”

At 3:06 from Opening to End of Credits it was a long ass movie. It was absolutely worth it.

If you like action, can stomach some very graphic sex, violence, and EXTREMELY morally questionable behavior, then I recommend this for you.

If the thought of watching someone get their arms cut off, or a dog eating a little girl makes you squeamish, then maybe this isn’t the one for you.

If you have the stomach to see it through you’ll be rewarded with an excellent and thought provoking story, beautiful cinemtography, and HOT latex suit action courtesy of Malin Akerman playing Silk Spectre. Do yourself a favor and google search it.

Also. Boobs!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the movie:

None of you seem to understand.
I’m not locked in here with you…






6 responses to “Watchmen – Excellent”

  1. jrhather Avatar

    I dunno. Couldn’t do it…I guess the story wasn’t up to the level of the visuals for me. I got bored 1/3 of the way through and axed it.

    Now “Pan’s Labyrinth”…*that* is a great movie.

  2. marv Avatar

    I was astounded by this film. I loved the book and this did a great job of translating the Graphic Novel to film. I do have to say that watching it in IMAX was impressive. If for no other reason than seeing a 30 foot blue penis on screen in Utah.

  3. jrhather Avatar

    …and now I’m on to “Coraline” and then “Pontypool”. (The only benefit of working for Blockbuster are the free rentals!)

    1. Burns Avatar

      I enjoyed Coraline. Great visual appeal for me.

  4. jrhather Avatar

    Just finished Watching the Watchmen myself. I loved it…and I’ve never had any experience with the franchise before today. There is a touch too much wang in the movie for me though… you think a ‘godfigure’ like Dr M could whip up a pair of undies or something….

  5. Justin Avatar

    Kevin and I watched the theatrical cut last night; I also loved the Rorschach quote.

    Great movie, just not sure I can watch 3 hours of it again for an extra 20 minutes of footage.