Handgun Concealed Carry Permit

I’m taking the class for the NC Concealed Carry Permit. I’m thinking of a 9mm CZ P-07 Duty. Marv says he loves his, and it’s pretty light.

Anyway, the instructor for this class is pretty awesome.  Here is a typical exchange between student and instructor.

Student: So the Habitation Defense says  once he crosses your threshold and starts stealing your stuff, you CAN’T shoot him. What if he starts coming at you with a screwdriver.

Instructor: Light Him Up!! In that case you meet the 4 prongs of the Use of Deadly Force in Self Defense Common Law.

Awesome. I love that the precise definition of the law comes with color commentary. Perfect.

Today I’m off to fire rounds at different distances under timed conditions. Wish me luck.






3 responses to “Handgun Concealed Carry Permit”

  1. Burns Avatar

    MMMM. Bear meat. Tasty.

  2. devon Avatar

    How about this? What if the guy who broke into your house was actually a bear? What if he did start picking up some stuff like he was stealing it? And what if he came at you with a screwdriver clutched clumsily in it’s enormous paw?

    He could be doing some home improvements. Just changing some faulty wiring. He could be the nicest goddamn bear in the world. Son of a bitch could be a veteran. You don’t know. You just want to shoot a helpless handyman bear in your house. It’s sick is what it is.

  3. Justin Avatar


    I have 2 of the 4 signatures required for my concealed carry permit application but things got crazy around here for a bit and I’m not sure where my application ended up, need to find it…