Open Source Tinkering – Wireshark

I never thought I’d be able to say this, but I’m contributing to an open source project.

I’m pretty damn excited about it.

I use Wireshark almost every day to decode all sorts of voip messages. One thing that has always bothered me is not all the SCCP messages (the protocol used to control Cisco IP phones) are decoded properly. I would wind up referring back to the standard and decoding the hex. Ugh.

Thanks to the wonderful world of open source I can fix this.

Here’s the dissector for sccp packets.

I’ve got my build environment all setup with SVN syncing the source from the wireshark repository.

I’ve compiled the code from SVN and it worked right off the bat!

Next step:

Make my modifications to packet-skinny.c and compile it again. I’ve got a slew of SCCP packet captures to test against.

I would love to have my name in the AUTHORS file of Wireshark. How bad ass would that be?

Wish me luck!