Number 16, I will miss you

I had my Top Left Wisdom Tooth pulled today. Tooth #16.

The dentist did a good job. It was a pretty big effort judging by how sore my skull is right now, but I was in and out of the office in 45 minutes. Pretty good time.

I learned a valuable lesson. I must NEVER skip trips to the dentist for years at a time. My teeth are in poor shape after a few years away from the doc. I need to have regular checkups and cleanings as my teeth just aren’t the sort that hold up well.

I need to have 6 cavities filled in the remaining 31 teeth. All in the molars. I’m not looking forward to it too much, but the Doc was efficient and the process of getting one removed was painless. Here’s to hoping the fillings go the same.

OH, the awesome part about the fillings is the resin based filling they use. It matches the color of your teeth, so I won’t have a mouth full of metal back there.

Wish me luck on the rest of my oral restoration.