I spent this thanksgiving in Florida. It was one of the better thanksgivings in a while. Last thanksgiving was miserable, depressing, and awful. The time with the family was ok, but there were some other things going on a year ago that would have been better had they worked out some other way.

I’m not sure what that way would be, so I’ll just shut up about it. Here I am, and I have pictures from this thanksgiving.

A lot has changed in a year. I have a Masters Degree, a new car, and a full time job.

In buying the new car I had to leave my old car in Florida. I caught a flight down to FL for thanksgiving and drove the Kia back home.

When I got to FL I was surprised to see that my little bro had a pitching machine and batting cage in the backyard. How fucking cool is that?

My mom also has a new dog. Ernie is the coolest German Shorthaired Pointer ever. These are my favorite dogs.

On thanksgiving we all got together and my sister came up with a wacky game. Guess that foot:

Is it Mom? Cody? Jennifer?

I went out with Jen on some such night.. I forget which night it actually was. We had a really good time going back and forth between bars. We stopped at this one bathroom about 5 times on our way between bars. I don’t really remember why we were walking around so much, so it must have been a fun night.

After that we went for a family Harley ride. I got to take out my Mom’s 1200 sportster, Mom had her own 1200 custom, jen was on her buell, and my stepfather was on his screaming eagle. It’s too bad cody isn’t old enough to ride. We had a great time crusing around in the 70 degree weather.

Speaking of cody and driving. I took the kid out for driving lessons in the Kia. It was pretty funy. He’s getting huge, but I don’t think he’s ever driven a car before. I remember when I first got to drive. I had cody drive around the blocks by his house and we had a pretty fun time. We didn’t even hit anything 😉 But seriously, he did a good job.

After much time spent with the Family I tok the 9 hour drive back to NC in the Kia. It was a horribly long drive because traffic was jammed up all the way from GA to SC. Something about coming home on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. Who knows.

I spent the week at work recovering from all of the pumpkin Pie, and on Friday I got to ditch work and go pick up Heather at the airport.. but that’s for another post.