Jeep WK 05 Front Tow Hooks

I think I’m going to start taking pictures of projects and posting instructions.

I always find the instructions to all sorts of things lacking. The only way I figure stuff out is to sit down and actually look at it. Hopefully this will help some random internet user, or will at least be interesting to someone.

My first project is installing front tow hooks on a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK.

I bought the Mopar parts off of

Included was two tow hooks, two nut strips, two nut studs, and six nuts.

The tow hooks mount to the frame, but there are no bolts in the frame, so that’s where the nut strips come into play.

Here you can see the nut strip with two bolts on it inserted in the frame rail.

There is also a nut stud for the third bolt that goes through the frame cross member.

Getting this nut stud through the cross member is simple. There is an open hole that you can get to without any effort at all to put it through the top.

Getting into the frame rail however is a completely different matter.

To do that you need to remove the front fascia, and to remove that you need to take off the grill.

The grill is just held on by a handful of plastic rivets right on the top black plastic section. The plastic lip right under where the hood closes is part of the grill, and all that holds it on.

Here is an example of one of the rivets for that piece

These rivets are reusable. The pin will pop right out. First use a flat head screwdriver or something flat to pry out the pin from the body of the rivet. After that the pressure on the rivet will be removed and you can just pull that out with your fingers, or pry out with a screwdriver.

Once all the rivets are out the top of the grill will come forward, releasing the tabs on the bottom of the grill and then you can just lift up and off.

The front fascia needs to come off next.

This has 2 single use plastic rivets on each side holding the wheel well backing to the fascia. These are usually broken before you even start the project anyway. Just snap them off with whatever you can get a grip on them with.

Next there are two 7mm head screws holding each side of the front fascia to the quarter panel / fender (one on each wheel well). Look right above the rivets you just removed.

Next crawl under the car. In my case there were 3 – 10 mm screws holding the very bottom of the fascia to the metal rail under the radiator. The instructions showed 3 plastic rivets that were supposed to be there. My guess is they didn’t cut it and whoever had the jeep before me replaced them, but I could be wrong.

Once these 3 screws are out you’re almost home free.

The next step is removing the 4 reusable rivets holding the top lip of the fascia (right under the bottom lip of the grill you just removed)

Here’s what that rivet looks like. The pin doesn’t come out, all the way. Just pull it out until it stops, then the whole rivet should come out.

Now you are almost there. With those four rivets out the fascia will slide forward, and drop down off the little hanger at the bottom of each fender

If you have the fog lights though, don’t forget to unplug them!

You should now have the front fascia in hand.

At this point there are only two small access caps in front of the frame rail stopping you from sliding in the nut strip, and that’s why we took this whole damn thing off anyway.

Unscrew the single 10mm screw from the cover, it’ll pop off – then install the nut strips.

The bolting on of the parts is pretty straight forward. The nut strips and everything only fit one way.

Instructions say torque to 50 ft lbs.

This is really important. They don’t mean 100ft lbs. They don’t mean 75. Use a calibrated torque wrench.

Here’s what happens when your asshole friend hands you an uncalibrated torque wrench set for 50 lbs, but that is actually putting out closer to 100.

Popped that bolt right in half on the nuts strip. Pow!

I figure using some grade 8 bolts with big washers would most likely serve the same purpose as the nut strips, so here’s what that looks like:

I’ll let you know how it holds up when pulling another car.

So that’s it. Torque all your bolts to 50 ft lbs and then reassemble.

1. Frame rail end caps back on
2. Front Fascia lined up
3. Plug on fog lights (optional)
4. Hook top of fascia through hangers
5. Make sure fascia goes outside, then behind (closer to rear of vehicle) the wheel well backing
6. Put the top screw in the fascia next to the hanger
7. Put the screws on under the car into the radiator rail
8. Put the 4 reusable plastic rivets back into the front fascia
9. Scrounge around for 4 more crappy disposable rivets to hold wheel well backing (or just leave them out like I did :-P)
10. Set grill in place
11. Push in all the rivets for the grill

That should be everything!