Background – TF2

I’ve been playing a little bit of Team Fortress 2 since I bought my new machine. Not a lot, just a little.

That brings me to my first update in a while..

New background:

Team Fortress 2 – Wallpaper

Background – Ninja Tip

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I were attacked by Ninjas.

What great strategy would I used to ward off said Ninjas?

Luckily someone made an instructional poster for just such an occasion.

Pro Tip – Ninjas can’t catch you if you’re on fire.

Background – Jaws of Life

The Jaws of Life are pretty awesome. As a kid I used to call them the Jaws of Death. I just figured that sounded better.

I’ve found a background that represents this awesomeness.

Jaws of LOL

Background – Carting

As promised I’m updating you guys with my background changes. I was a bit late on this one. I’ve been rocking this background for a few weeks now.

It brings me great joy.

Carting – Serious Business