Audio Books

Last week I read “Little Brother” by Cory Doctorow. The overall story was a good read. There were some bits that were mostly the author writing some exposition on a piece of tech he was interested in.

The thing that made it hardest to read was the brutal treatment the protagonist received at the hands of the government.

Either way – this was worth a read as Cory is all over Boing Boing which I read constantly. It’s a directory of wonderful things! Lots of great news updates on things I’m interested in.

The Humble eBook Bundle was released just the other day. It included the audio book version of Homeland, the sequel to Little Brother.

It definitely has some of the same flaws where Cory just gushes on and on about things he’s been geeking out on at the Boing Boing site, but hey – I love geeky things ;) Overall it’s another good story that makes a great follow up to Little Brother. On top of that it’s read by Wil Wheaton. There is a super strange section where Wil is reading as the main character and has a run in with Wil Wheaton making a cameo in the book. Small world.

I’m looking forward to reading through the rest of the books in the bundle though! The description for “Tithe” looked pretty interesting.  Maybe Zombies Vs Unicorns will be pretty good too ;)