Birthday. Turning 30 and trying to be a better person.

The moral of this post is that Lisa is awesome and will make cakes on demand. It’s better than movies on demand. Full album of 30th Birthday Pics here.

First things first.. I’ve been working on my plate at The Flying Saucer. After much drinking I was finally able to complete the task of drinking 200 different beers. I have a long list of beers, a plate on the wall at the saucer (and a matching one for my house), and a beer belly in progress.

I kind of went a little nuts for the Birthday thing so I spent a bunch of time doing donuts and burnouts in my car for fun, bought myself a new keyboard and bought myself a nice set of knives. Happy Birthday to ME!

While messing around with the car I ran it out of gas twice. Apparently at full throttle going 10 mph sideways you use a TON of gas. Who knew? Pete came to my rescue and Brendan and John Gill watched my hijinks. Thanks guys!

Lisa made me a great cake which I had apparently commissioned at some point. The text is exactly per my specifications. I got a huge kick out of this and I’m sure everyone else did too. Thanks Lisa!

We played some Cards Against Humanity which was fun. Great to have my apartment full of drunk people saying terrible things. Scott even got to read some risque cards. That was a treat!

Even better, we convinced Lauren to come out to the bar. She’s been either pregnant or a mom for so long now that the moment was marked with MANY cell phone photos. Here’s a fun one that captures the spirit of the moment.

Now that I’m 30 I will try to be a better person. So far it’s actually going alright. I don’t believe I’ve done anything despicable yet. Pretty sure. I may have hit on Lauren after that photo was taken – but only jokingly and after much tequila.

Thanks everyone for coming out to my place for the party and following me around for drinking. I also owe a big thanks for all the shots people were putting in front of me. Everything was going so well until the 151 showed up!

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