Camera Updates: October – January

I got back from my Jeeping and Biltmore escapades with Heather and emptied out my camera. Here’s the result.

Back in October I went to Matt and Candra’s wedding. I wore a kippah (yarmulka) and did a reading. I bumbled a bit of the reading, but didn’t do so bad for never having seen the passage before stepping up in front of a hundred people.

I also went to the Rally to Restore Sanity in DC in October with Munns, Ward, Will, and even visited Heather. This trip rocked! I had a blast with the guys tooling around DC. Munns and I explored after the rally. We got to hit the air and space museum and see our friend Julie who had a friend running the Marine Corps Marathon that same day. It was a whirlwind tour that included 4loko, crashing on Heather’s couch, losing my fleece, and revving the shit out of the Z going through a tunnel in downtown DC just to hear the sound of awesome.

Also – it was Halloween. A lot of shit went down this weekend – most of it tolerably awesome.

Here’s my motorcycle trip I took to Florida for Thanksgiving. See my bike in majestic, solitary splendor. I really enjoyed going on this trip by myself. There isn’t anything quite like the freedom you get on a Motorcycle. This thumbnail is me stopping at Tybee island near Savannah, GA. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of the family Thanksgiving dinner. At least I have pics of the bike 😉

After the motorcycle / Thanksgiving trip there was a short break for December where I didn’t take any pictures. I went house hunting, snow boarding, and worked my ass off.

Heather FINALLY finished school then came to visit me! We decided to celebrate by driving over shit in the mountains, and then pretending we were classy people. I even got my fleece back that I left when I crashed on her couch for the Rally in October.

It’s not often that I get to drive through the mountains with a beautiful girl, so I savored the opportunity while it lasted. It was also great to see Heather again. She’s been an online friend for so long I sort of forgot what it was like to hang out IRL. Hopefully the weekend provided a nice distraction for her.

Eventually she’ll find relationship bliss, but not with me, so quit asking. You know who you are, assholes (friends I mean).

Driving over shit in TN in the snow:

Visiting The Biltmore Estate (which involved wine tasting, lunch, and a private tour of the place).

Soon there will be a trip to Tahoe which should involve some more pictures. Maybe I’ll buy a place – that would lead to a flurry of downtown pictures. Who knows. I’m liable to do damn near anything at this point.

Here are the two potential downtown options:

West with a nice view of the city, a bit further North than I want to be, and a “for serious” locked parking garage. This place looks like it has great lighting, and sweet views, with the parking security an OCD car guy like me needs.

Palladium Plaza that has great location right on Moore’s SQ (could be a bit further North), a mediocre view of Lincoln Theater, and a back bedroom with a built in desk / office (but no windows). Also the parking here is only really half a parking garage – not that secure from the elements or punk ass kids. This place has location and is a great size.