Rabbit, Run – Saying the wrong thing

I’m reading John Updike’s Rabbit Run.

It makes me think of a subject I’ve wanted to write about for a while now:

Saying the wrong thing.

Have you ever had a moment in a conversation where you knew exactly what the wrong thing to say was? The thing that would bring complete silence to the conversation, cause someone to cry, stop being friends with you, or even break up with you?

It’s like walking by the fire alarm in a hallway. You know exactly what would happen if you pulled it, but you keep walking anyway – with the alarm unpulled.

Not sure if other people have these same moments during the day. I have them constantly.

Updike’s character Rabbit makes me thing of my impulses surrounding this.

Whenever he’s in any sort of situation with girls he’ll ALWAYS say exactly the wrong thing. I’m interested to see how it turns out for him. I’m about 100 pages in now. Wish me luck.

That didn’t work out AT ALL for the guy. Looks like I learned an important lesson?