Site Updates

I’ve been fiddling with making this whole blog system work. I’ve got the basics of it down right now. I can pull the entries out of the database and put them in here in a rough format and i can put them in on a private page that only i have access to. So things are going well. If you’re looking at the page anytime soon after i posted this message, you’ll see the sad state that this site is in. It’s more of a template really. I need to do some color coding and some random formatting, but i think that in general, I should be able to make some really nice improvements around here.

You should be able to search through all of the text i have here sometime in the near future and find places where i mention names or other things and then pull up those posts, and i should have some kind of page system instead of just throwing all the results on one page.. i should also be able to put all of these posts into categories by the month.. i’m sure that i can do that in a certain type of search with sql and date checking.. but the question is.. is that something you’re going to want?? Who knows.. all i know is that i no longer have to manage a bunch of flat files. My content is separate from the presentation.. and for me.. that is heaven.

Until then.. i have a LOT of work to do here at RIT. Things are strained around here at best. There is so much going on all at once. This quarter is hammering me to pieces. I just hope i make it out alive.

I should be doing work right now, so i’m going to get on that.

Until Next Time…..