Group Projects

Group projects are the bane of my existence. I think that i definitely have too much going on right now. I just got done with some crazy cool routing stuff with fault tolerance and some other ospf type things. I think that as far as a presentation and concept goes, we have some really interesting material. That always makes me happy.

Right now I’m not really doing any kind of work. That’s always a plus. I’m just tinkering on my website yet again, and putting off all of my owkr for just a little bit longer.. Which doesnt really bother me at all 😛

I guess i’m done updating for now. I’m going to work on making the new line characters stick around here.. so i can keep some semblance of formatting in my posts, rather than having one huge block of text.. i might be able to use urlencode… but we’ll see how that all works out.. you might see some random posts in here to test my work..

that’s it for now