This week i got to do what i’ve dreamed about doing for months, even years. I axed my entire windows XP partition of my hard drive and installed gentoo linux. I’m running it right now with fluxbox as my window manager. it looks very nice, and it’s functional. I’m debating the switch to some type of desktop environment, but i can probably accomplish everything i need to with fluxbox. as long as i can get kbounce installed for Jen we’ll be good to go. One minor problem is that she won’t have any idea how to use my computer from now on, but maybe that’ll keep me out of trouble. ya heard?

So i’ve been setting up programs on my computer to my heart’s content, and it’s been taking up a good bit of my time. this is bad. i already have less time than i need as it is. but it’s very nice to relax and take a break from the rest of life for a while.

RIT is starting to drag me down. there is a lot of work here, and it seems like it wont ever stop. i’m hoping to have some easier quarters coming up so i can get in all of the important activities that i’m missing out on now.. like eating.. and sleeping 😉 it’s week 7 now and before i know it this quarter will be over. i need to pick some more classes to take before i graduate.

I really can’t think of anything else to say, i just figured that it was about time i posted to this thing again, arent you glad you read this? go back to doing something more important now.