Working Again

So, it’s been a while since i’ve updated. OK. A VERY long while. Thats nothing out of the ordinary, nothing you didn’t expect. So what’s new with me?

I got a job at prestolite for the summer, I’m working in the IT/MIS department here. It’s a nice job, and it pays pretty well, better than what i’m used to, but that really isn’t informative now is it? The past few days i’ve been filing and upgrading software on various machines. It’s been a good time all in all. I have to get up ass early, but it was worse last summer, so i can’t complain about that either.

I got a cell phone not too long ago, it’s been good to have. I like being able to call people whenever i fell like it, and having people able to get a hold of me, because i’m always on the go. I’m always driving somewhere, or staying somewhere else, life is nuts. I’m a litle tired right now. The other day I put together a computer desk and set up a computer with Chuck at my aunts house, then we showed them how to use it, in a very primitive sense of the word ‘use’ anyway. Its crazy working two jobs. I get out of work here at 4:30, then i do more computer stuff with chuck and try to make some extra money. Hopefully all this work will pay off in the end with a nice cash reward :-P.

Working first shift when you’r GF works second is a real pain in the ass. The solution to this problem is to stay up late, and not get much sleep. At least that way i get to see jen. Things are so different when we dont spend all of our time together. It definitely makes the both of us miss each other a LOT.

I just have 2 more hours before I get out of work here today. The first part of the day went by pretty fast, because i had things to do, but i have a feeling that the second half of the day will slow down a little bit. I really have almost nothing to do right now. Thats not really a good thing. I’m starting to get really comfortable and really sleepy sitting in this computer chair. That could be a problem. My boss is gonna walk through the door and find me asleep and drooling on the keyboard.

I’m not even kidding, i need some stimulous to keep myself awake …. Someone just called. About some computer type business type stuff :-P. so now i’m awake.. and have work to do.. I’m outta here.