Easter Pics as Promised

Yesterday was Easter. To celebrate we had a feast of glorious proportions.

On Paper Plates:

I drove over with Matt, Jesse, and Heather. Not sure why Matt was celebrating Easter. We thought he should be doing more productive things like shooting RPGs at Egypt. Long story.

Candra made enough Potatoes to feed an entire army:

I had to take a picture of Matt and Lauren just because I felt like it. I was taking pictures of everything. They were there:

The site needed more pics of girls anyway.

Speaking of girls, Heather was there and enjoying some fruit thanks to Lauren:

People played Set! Amy was there for that awesomeness:

And after that we pointed Wii remotes into nothingness:

The Wii was all sorts of fun as usual. I alternated between kicking ass and getting my ass kicked in doubles tennis. There was some Monkey Ball goin on but I just watched that.

Overall it was a great Easter. New people showed up and good food and good times were had by all. We need holidays more often.

Huge thanks to Candra and Lauren for all the food. I have you two to thank for my GINORMOUS stomach. Mmmmm belly.

Khalil Moves to NYC

I’m a bit behind on posts as always.

A week or so back my roommate Khalil started a job for Cisco up in NYC.

This is great for a number of reasons.

1. Khalil gets a pimp job in NYC.
2. I get an awesome master bedroom.

In honor of Khalil we had a “Going Away” party. It was a damn good time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people in the house at one time before.

Here are some pics to document the craziness.

Brendan Surprises Jenn

So remember that post a long time ago about going to Wilmington and Brendan meeting Jenn?

They’re dating now and Jenn has a birthday coming up. Brendan decided to earn some major boyfriend points by throwing a surprise birthday party for Jenn last night.

I’ve never had a surprise birthday party thrown for me but I can imagine I would probably swear up a storm if I walked into a house and a bunch of people scared the shit out of me by yelling “surprise”

In any case.. the night was good and here are some pics.

Here we are almost prepared for the attack.

Sweet cake. Love the skull and cross bones. Goes well with the little mermaid theme.

The Z had to sleep outside in the cold and damp 🙁 I was a bit “un-sober” so got to enjoy the magnificence that is Brendan’s couch.

When I woke up it was 41 degrees outside and the Z’s tire pressure sensor kept bitching because they dipped to 28PSI in the cold. Definitely handled different with low presure.


Last weekend was memorial weekend. It was an awesome time, and I had all three days of it off from work. Absolutely amazing.

Sarah, my favorite girl in Wilmington, decided that I should spend my Friday night in her town trying to get as drunk as possible with as many of my friends as I could bring.

I took the Z, so I only brought Brendan.

Traffic was ridiculous when we FINALLY made it out of the Cisco parking lot at 6PM on a Friday. We went 40MPH for the first part of the trip, and spent the rest of it trying to see how fast we could go with my windshield wipers on and working.

As it turns out, they do work at 120. The wipers on the Kia quit at 65.

I took my Camera so I have some pics, but the batteries need to be replaced in the thing. I think I’m just going to go buy a new one sometime soon. The summer is coming and I’m going to need all kinds of new stuff for all the drinking, partying, and picture taking, I have planned.

So we show up at Sarah’s and meet her dog Roxy. Kind of strange that my sister also has a small dog named Roxy. Anyway… Here’s Brendan being sorry for making us late.

We went out to RumRunners which is gigantic compared to the one in Raleigh. We decided that buckets of beer were clearly the classiest way to go. Brendan and I split one and let the girls fend for themselves. (not true, but a funny story right?)

Not sure what this shot was. Maybe a popsicle? I’m pretty sure she didn’t like it. This was the first shot of many.

Sarah and Melissa looked like they were having fun.

Brendan was being his usual self. Pretty funny. Much more innocent than it looks. But that’s Brendan.

This was a good one.

Unfortunately the pictures end here, but that’s where the fun started.

We ran into a bachelorette party at Rum Runners and decided they weren’t having enough fun. Just 8 girls sitting around a big ass table doing nothing much. To rectify this situation we had to buy two rounds of dollar jello shots for all of them.

I think they appreciated it. How could you not like free drinks?

After a beer bucket, shots, yuengling, and more shots I was drunk. This is when Brendan decided he was much too cool for Rum Runners. We then spent about 30 minutes outside, even though the bars were down the street from each other.

Sarah spent some time on the phone with the fiance, and Brendan spent some quality time hitting on a married chick with an “open” relationship. Not sure how he runs into things like this.

After that trip we went into the Liquid Room for some dancing / drinking.

Sarah and Melissa couldn’t be talked into dancing. The only reason I thought this was a good idea is because rounds of shots just kept magically appearing.

Lo and behold… we see the whole bachelorette party at the bar we’re at. There was a Cisco / Bride sandwich at one point, and a ridiculously cute brunette. After some time spent dancing and some time spent time traveling, it was time to go home.. or out for food. Same thing really.

We head downstairs to find more alcohol first. There was a round of shots and then Brendan met the love of his life again. Apparently this girl Jen was from Rochester. Apparently she was hot, and fun, and decided to leave Brendan a #. w00t.

Pizza ensued. It was awesome.

We walked around aimlessly wondering how we would get home for a while. We sat on some steps. Someone lost shoes. Good times.

Apparently between the cab ride and the apartment Brendan lost his wallet. Suck. So I picked up the tab for the rest of his weekend 😛

The morning had in store “The Golden Egg”. A breakfast place that served you wearing short skirts, and bursting shirts. A lucky coincidence that we got a side of breasts to go with our eggs in the morning.

The ride home was perfect convertible weather. I think I spent the rest of the day napping, or doing something random.

That was my trip to Wilmington. Thanks to Sarah for letting Brendan stay in her apartment. I always appreciate having a place to sleep.

There will have to be more trips to Wilmington to explore the place at night.


I completely forgot to mention that I went to DC a few weekends back to visit Heather.

It was awesome. I don’t have any pictures unfortunately.

Let’s sum up the trip:

Heather got us completely lost, and can never give me directions again 😉

We went out and did Saki bombs. Then we went and did Irish Car bombs. Brendan and I walked through this ridiculously packed club/bar/house. There was pizza involved. There was drinking. At some point someone was dancing.

At another point I was drunk on the metro.

There was cider (not the best idea).

Brendan and I passed out in Heather’s apartment. Woke up hungover, went to breakfast, and went to Ikea.

Ikea was crazy. Brendan spent tons of money and bought all kinds of good stuff. Unfortunately I was on my phone on a conference call throughout the entire shopping trip, but I still had a good time picking out random stuff. It’s good to help someone spend their money.


It’s about that time for a monthly update. I know how sad you all would be if I let the entire month of April pass without an update.

Let’s see what’s new:

Heather moved in to the house. Now we’re pretty full with 4 people living here. It’s been fun so far. Having more people around means you’re never really that far away from having a party.

I was in training for a week. It was awesome. Training means that you have a schedule where you come into work for 8 hours, get an hour lunch, and then get to go home. This is a dream come true and such a GIANT change of pace from the usual work day:

Come in at 9:30… most often skip lunch and work on the phone/email through the noon hour.. work late with a customer.. catch up on emails until 7PM ish if it’s been a while since you’ve done that kind of thing.

Not everyone sticks around til 7. They must be better than I am at doing their job. I need to stay late to accomplish anything. Anything before noon is a waste to me anyway. Nothing productive ever happens in my brain until then. Maybe I could work a California shift here in NC.



I’ve been getting omgwtfbbq pwn3d by allergies this season. It all went down hill with the thin layer of yellow pollen that covered EVERYTHING in Raleigh. Luckily it rained yesterday and most of this hasn’t been circulated in the air yet. When it does get a bit dryer again I’m going to just hope that my Claritin holds out against the barrage.

Imagine waking up and not being able to breathe or open your eyes. This is my life with allergies. All day I itch, can’t breath, and want to claw my eyes out with the closest rustly metal object. It’s a good thing I have some drugs to make this just a bit more bearable.

I’ve been reading volumes lately. Here’s a list of the books I’ve read in March – April ish.

1. Mona Lisa Overdrive
2. Interface
3. V is for Vendetta
4. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
5. Pattern Recognition
6. Dune
7. Watchmen
8. The Once and Future King

I’m on The Once and Future King right now. Once I finish it I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll buy more books and keep up the reading freny. Maybe I’ll quit reading and become illiterate.

Now that the weather is getting nicer maybe I’ll work on this whole motorcycle and car thing. I still need to be a better rider, and there is an endless amount of cleaning and polishing that I could be doing after work.

On Being Single:
Yep, still single. What a bunch of suck that is. Although, I don’t know that I could hold a steady GF now anyway. I don’t have time for all of that bullshit. I’d have to drop my video games, or my reading.

It’s been nice having the time to myself. I think I’ve found plenty of ways to keep myself occupied. Maybe none of them are healthy. Two hobbies involve sitting for long periods of time with no activity: WoW and reading. The other involves going dangerously fast with absolutely no solid protection between me and the road: motorcycle.

Maybe I should pick an activity like going to the gym. I guess it just doesn’t seem exciting enough for me. Not that everyone would call WoW and reading exciting, but for me it is.

I’m sure you’ve had enough of my ramblings for April. Check back in May and maybe you’ll see something interesting.

Old Pictures

Ok, because I know you all love pictures, I’m gonna post some old ones that I had kicking around.

First, take a look at New Years pictures.

Now I know you’ve seen all of these, so whatever.

What you haven’t seen are the pictures of when I was up in NY for Jason’s Birthday.

Here are the highlights of the night.

I wore a cowboy hat for 3 seconds:

Heather Visits

I should have updated this more than a month ago. I know.

Things have been busy.. and when I say busy I mean that I’ve been really lazy and playing video games a lot. Combine a lust for video games with a passion for reading, and then a desire to kick ass at my new job.. and you get updates that don’t come as often.

This post is dedicated to one of my best friends and her visit to NC. If more of my best friends would visit I would dedicate posts to them too 😉

And Munns came too. He was all last minute, so I didn’t have enough time to be excited in advance. Sorry man. We had fun anyway.

So Heather and I had been talking about visiting each other ever since school ended. Even in school we talked like we were gonna hang out, but then somehow we never managed to hang out as often as we promised each other we would. I’m not sure what ever happened with that. We were both pre-occupied with our own troubles that all we had time for was to tell each other all about our personal lives on the Internet all day long. Heh, good times. I don’t know why more girls don’t have me for a best friend. I’m great like that.

Anyway.. where the hell was I going with this?

So all of the sudden Heather FINALLY buys plane tickets to come to NC because she managed to wrangle up a free weekend. I think we planned a month in advance, and she had a cute countdown in her profile until NC. hah.. loser 😉

Here begins the photo replay of the weekend.


I picked her up in my new car:

Gave her a tour of the house:

Went out to dinner with everyone, which was an awesome time. The pics are on Heather’s site.. but it’s running on a box in my room.. sooooo it’s sort of my site..

Bought more candy than two people should consume in one weekend:

And generally had an AWESOME time. Look at this pic.. we’re all smiling because Heather is taking a picture of us. and because we’re wasted. I forget who drove.. I hope it wasn’t me.


We had a little bit of a low key morning on Saturday. I slept in a little bit then decided to be awesome when I woke up and made pancakes. I am only capable of making a few things. Pancakes are one of them.

After that we took a “quick” little jaunt to Cisco. Heather drove us there. I must be crazy to let people drive my car.. but oh well.. it’s fun.

Classic Cisco:

After all of that we went out to a movie and dinner. We saw Aeon Flux and ate at Johnny Carinos. The food was pretty damn good and our waitress was nice enough to take a group picture.

After that we all spent some time trying to figure out what would be the best possible way to get drunk again. We decided on my house and wine. Turned out to be a pretty good plan.

Heather got drunk and acted saucy. Fun was had by all. She will be embarassed to read this, but it’s all in good clean fun 😉


Heather didn’t have to leave until pretty late on Sunday. I have no idea what we did all day. I think I made some food and we sort of sat around. OH and we watched a long ass movie: Empire Falls. Other than that there is nothing really remarkable about Sunday. Well, not unless you count heather vaulting over our couch repeatedly.

So we had a great weekend. Heather AND Munns came to visit. It was RIT all over again. 6 guys and 1 girl. It felt like home.

But seriously.. I had an awesome time and it’s really too bad I can’t have more of my RIT friends down in NC.

All of this means that I have to take a trip up to DC sometime. When I do manage to do that you’ll of course be the first to know. And I’m sure that a few months after I go I’ll finally write about it.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures. If I left something out feel free to leave a comment. No one ever leaves enough comments. Write a long one. Seriously.