Back To School

So, all of my belongings got moved to RIT without any problems. My room here is a little on the small and brown side. a bit too much wood paneling and wood colored decor than is absolutely necessary.. ya know. other than that, everything seems fine at the house so far.

After moving my things in, i proceeded to spend the weekend in albany with jen at a wedding, we had a pretty good time, i enjoyed being around jen’s family. They seem so fun and loving, and fun loving. It’s very different from what i’m used to. Open bar was amazing. The corona was great. The hotel wasn’t all that spectacular, but all the people there made up for it. the only thing i could have asked for was that it was a little warmer outside.

probably the most “interesting” part of the weekend was the people in the surrounding areas. everyone seemed to be a little on the crazy side, it was like visiting some kind of mental ward, or very backwards place. not the kind of place where you want to spend time with all the locals.

Jen drove home from albany, and then i drove myself back to RIT from her house. It was a crazy night because i was so tired, my brain was completely dead for a day. It’s not right to spend that much time in a car.

And NOW to the BEST part of the post. I think you’ll like this 😉

Last weekend jen and i spent the weekend in Niagara Falls. I completely surprised her and whisked her away for what i planned to be the best weekend of her life. i think i did a pretty good job of it

To start it all off i surprised her with cookies and gummy bears. what girl doesnt love those two things? then i bought her a scratch off ticket and she actually won 5 bucks. way to start out the weekend 😉

I told her to bring some fancy clothes and pack for spending the night somewhere. We went up to the marriot and when we checked in jen’s draw dropped. the receptionist at the desk confirmed my reservation for a king size jacuzzi suite with a view of the falls. and then they valet parked my car. i dont know if jen was as impressed with the valet parking as i was, but hey.. ya know.. she loved the fact that this hotel kicked ass.

Our room was beautiful and you could see the falls from the window. when you opened the window you could hear the falls roaring outside, just immense torrents of water rushing by and pounding into the water below. The cloud of mist was huge and you could smell the water from our room. The whole weekend was spent in or aroudn water. we had a huge jacuzzi tub in our room that also had a view of the falls. The bed in the room was amazing, i’ve never seen so many huge and comfortable feather pillows in one place before. It was like sleeping on clouds.

For dinner that night i surprised jen again by taking her up to the Skylon tower to eat in the revolving dining room. We ordered our drinks and watched the falls rotate by us from 500 feet up in the air. Dinner was amazing. It was some of the best prime rib and lobster and shrimp that i’ve ever had. I was going to order a bottle of wine, but decided against it, just because i didn’t want to get it and then decide i didn’t like it.

After dinner jen was very sleepy, and we decided to just lay down for a little rest. I surprised jen with a little something i picked up for her at the jewelers. Just a small diamond solitaire, but i thought it was gorgeous, and wanted her to have a reminder of just how much i care about her. she loved the ring, and cried for just a little bit. the whole weekend i wanted nothing more than to make her happy, and right there i knew i had done what i wanted

The next morning we got up and went for a swim in the pool, relaxed in the whirlpool, and has a little bit of time to relax in the steam room (which wasnt as steamy as i imagined it). After we got sick of the chlorine we went upstairs… cleaned up.. and jen told me that “we got our perfect back”. I won’t forget that. I’ve been looking for perfect for quite a while now. i didn’t think we were ever going to find it again. i’m so glad that we did.

For lunch we went to the rainforest cafe, and looked around the falls. After all the strenuous walking we stopped for a while and enjoyed a beer at “Beer Garden”. the funny thing about that is that the beer garden is a pizza place too, so you can order your pizza.. your soda.. and your beer.. all at the same little stand.. now this is a GOOD idea.. america should have this.

All in all, we had a great time and there is so much to do in niagara falls that we still haven’t done. We plan on going to the butterly thing sometime, but i think that we got most of the must do things done. The fancy hotel, the fancy dinner. It was a perfect minivacation.

I can’t wait to see what the weekends to come hold for us.